5 Steps To Getting Into Shape With Rebecca Maughan!

2013 has been a great year so far for me with qualifying for the Britain finals and then going on to winning in my first year of competing. I have learnt a lot along the way about my own body and how it has responds to training and nutrition both physically and mentally. This is of course vital in this sport in order to progress and build on your strengths and weaknesses.


If I had to give five key points to getting lean and staying lean all year round they would be;


Motivation has always come from wanting to be the best I can be and to be that I know I have to put in 100%.
Most recently setting myself a goal to compete 14 weeks out, meant I had to stick to a plan which motivated me more knowing I would be stepping on stage in front of hundreds of people.


Getting lean can be a difficult task for some, especially for those who have a sweet tooth, but anything easy isn't worth having and for me having a toned figure Is totally worth it! Diet plays a huge part of achieving that desired look even more so than the training. It's not about starving yourself and skipping breakfast but staying consistent and eating the right amounts and types of foods at specific times. Taking time to understand how important food types and supplements can be could give you that overall package people try to achieve all year round.

I have always used PhD products - the Recovery 2:1 which I feel helps massively with my recovery with added BCAA's & L-glutamine for post workout is one of my favourites. Using supplements can be very useful alongside a structured diet plan why not take a look at the PhD range on offer and


Training is very important to me, this is something that I take very seriously, once I am in the gym and lifting weights I always feel good.
I love to encourage women to get in that weights area and lift rather than stepping on a treadmill for endless hours. You can achieve a toned figure by using weights and adding in cardio where necessary for the summer. This way you feel good, look great and you’re also improving your health which is most important.
If you’re lacking a little energy why not try PhD V-Max pump!?
This is an awesome product to use before your workout.


I have always believed in adding in variety into your workouts, something I see far too often is people training the same body parts, on the same days, using the same weights. Our bodies are far too clever for this, we need to shock the body, keep it guessing by adding in variety and mixing it up. I believe this is a key factor to continuously growing & improving. This is something I incorporate into my workouts and even when prepping for a show, every now and then I will train a completely different way to keep my body guessing no two workouts should be the same.

Keeping it simple!

Far too many trainees/trainers over complicate training, for me it is as simple as this. Eat clean, train hard and watch the transformation happen because believe me if you stick to the plan and follow it through you will see results, it's all about hard work and commitment - what you put in you will get out. Learn what works best for you too this is important.

In everything fitness related whether it be my diet or training I will always make sure I put in 100% and see it through to the end, getting into shape isn't for anyone else but yourselves, so don't cheat yourself make changes today not tomorrow.

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Female Fitness Guru at MonsterSupplements.com and competitor with NABBA and PhD Fitness.
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