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Men nationwide have finally
begun admitting their insecurities with their bodies, but with over a third
willing to give a year of their life for an ideal physique what does it
actually take?


Kris Gethin, ‘People often
ask me what I think my worst body part is? But they never seem to understand
that I’m too busy fixing it to answer’.


It’s 5am. You’d think it was midnight, still dark outside, drunken students still
wandering town after falling out of Camel. There’s a hard knock at my door and
it suddenly swings open. ‘Come on Mikey, get up mate’ my flatmate Sam wakes me
up for our morning cardio. I roll out of bed in my gym shorts, stumble into the
kitchen to mix up a protein shake and within 5min we’re outside. My eyes still
half closed, the brisk air quickly waking me up. 3 Miles later we’ve looped
down and along the beach back through town and into the gym for the days
training session. Then back home for egg whites on toast and its only 7am.