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There is dieting and then there is dieting. To claim you are ‘’dieting’’ doesn’t tell the whole story, let me explain. If sub 10% body fat is the goal as a male, or sub 15% as a female then every single calorie you put into your body counts. Having said that, I hate to use the word ‘’calorie’’ in fear this will be misinterpreted and taken out of context. Just in case, the nutrients you eat are the most important thing not the number of calories. Every nutrient has a different effect on hormone response within your body, and ultimately how your body is able to burn body fat. Today I wanted to ask you a question, ‘’how far do you go?’’ as I share with you some key changes you can make to reach your fat loss goals faster.

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Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day or the tastiest day of the year. These are all names which can easily be associated with today’s date. However, more often than not as a dedicated athlete I find myself missing out on stacks of pancakes drizzled in maple syrup, draped in chocolate sauce or lemon juice with sugar. Even though I am currently watching my diet because I have a TV show to shoot in 3 weeks, I will not be forgoing the pleasure of eating pancakes today. These pancakes will also be caked with chocolate sauce, have I gone crazy? Not quite, because as I keep saying dieting doesn’t have to taste bad. This is probably one of the best examples to prove my point. Try out this very easy recipe and see if you don’t agree with me.

Pancake mix

50g oats

4 egg whites

½ glass of water

100ml of skimmed milk

6-8 teaspoons of Stevia (natural sweetner)

Blend until you are left with a runny mixture

Fry using 1 cal extra virgin olive oil spray

How easy was that? This mixture will give you between 12-15 scotch pancakes which will certainly fulfil your pancake needs I am sure! This is only half the recipe though, remember I said mine will be swimming in chocolate sauce? They will, and I guarantee it tastes better than anything else you have tried.

Chocolate sauce

50g Quark cheese

1 scoop of chocolate protein

1 tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter

1 teaspoon of Stevia

Add approximately 2-3 tablespoons of water, and then mix thoroughly. This mixture is very similar to chocolate cake mix or a chocolate mousse. It tastes unreal and right now my shopping list always has Quark cheese on there!

With your pancakes on a large plate, butter them with the chocolate sauce and enjoy. Remember to take a photo before though, because you can show your friends how you enjoyed something so tasty which is kind to your abs!


Very often I will read about a ‘’healthy’’ recipe and after the first two ingredients it is apparent that it is anything but. Making something ‘’healthier’’ doesn’t make it healthy, or conducive to your physique goals.

So with this recipe what kind of nutritional content does it contain?

Carbohydrates – 35g 202 calories

Of which sugars – 5g

Protein – 40g 198 calories  

Fats – 7.5g 95 calories

Of which are Saturated fat – 1.3g

Total calories – 495

This can be divided between 2 people if you want to keep the calories lower depending on your nutritional needs.

Whilst the calorie count may sound high the majority of them are from healthy sources including un-saturated fats, low GI carbohydrates and of course protein. Sugar and saturated fats are the two nutrients you really want to limit, and this recipe certainly does that. Compared to your average pancake recipe and all the dressings to go with it you will be saving yourself a lot of guilt. To really enjoy this recipe head to the gym and push yourself beyond the limits and then chill-out with this stack of pancakes as your post-workout meal.

Going off track is never an option for the committed and with recipes like this you don’t need to either.

Being a business man or woman can mean that you have very little free time on your hands. If you are always tied down by work and under a lot of pressure to complete tasks etc then the gym and diet may be one of the things in your life that suffers as a result of this. I have helped a lot of people in these kinds of jobs with easy diets and training plans that don’t take up too much time and are very flexible. If you are struggling to find time to eat a diet for fat loss or get to the gym then here is one example of a 12 week plan that I did that may work well for you.




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