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As the saying goes ‘’behind every great man there is a great woman’’ – well I would like to expand on that. In our world of bodybuilding and athletics ‘’behind every great athlete there is a great trainer.’’ Our guest today, Neil Hill is that man who has helped so many professional bodybuilders realise their potential when others couldn’t! Over the last couple of years Neil’s reputation has blown up with his global status as one of the very best trainers and nutritionists’ money can buy. Y3T, Neil’s training system has been adopted by many world class athletes from various backgrounds and they have all enjoyed great success having used it! Many of you will know it was Neil who coached my through my 12 week transformation, so when I say he is the ‘’best’’ I am talking from experience! Today we are lucky enough to speak with Neil and get his opinions on all of the popular topics related to our sport, and we also have a surprise for you guys in store! Read on to find out exactly what it is!