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With a little over three weeks to go until Christmas I am getting into the festive swing of things. This month I have even swapped all my chicken meals for turkey! I must confess this has little to do with the fact it is Christmas, I simply fancied a change and I actually prefer turkey steaks to chicken! This got me thinking, what would somebody enjoy with turkey?

Here is my recipe of the week!

200g lean turkey steak fried with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with pepper

80g Basmati rice - once cooked add a tabelspoon of coconut shavings and stir

Grill 3 pieces of asparagus with 2 pineapple rings

Throw this all together in a bowl and enjoy! This may sound quite simple, but the range of flavours and textures makes this a winner! It tastes fantastic and is the ideal winter muscle building meal!

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