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Whilst a large proportion of FitMag readers crave bigger muscles, more defined abs and stronger lifts there are a few who don’t. Some people just want to implement the healthy habits of an athlete into their every day life, with the solo goal being able to enhance their overall health! This is great because above all performance figures and extra inches of muscle, every athlete’s main aim should be to optimise their health! With that being said here are 7 very simple yet effective tips which should enable you to achieve just that!


Amazingly according to recent studies around 75% of our population in the western world are dehydrated on a day to day basis! Considering dehydration often prevents people from working, both mentally and physically and even 50% of their potential capacity that is a scary thought! By drinking at least 3 litres of clear water a day, you will not only enhance your concentration and energy levels but your overall health as well. How? Water acts as a transportation system within the body, helping carry nutrients around the body and removing damaging toxins and free radicals. Simply put, if your dehydrated free radicals in your blood (anyone drink alcohol regularly?) have more opportunity to cause more damage! In some instances, free radicals have been linked to cancer to take heed!! Due to the fact water helps transport nutrients, vitamins and minerals around the body it is normal to have healthier looking skin when you are hydrated as well! All you have to do is sip on water to enhance your overall health.

Multi Vitamin & Mineral

Supplements are not just for hardcore athletes! With the average modern day person’s diet being a million miles off what is really ‘healthy’, they will struggle to get close to their RDA of vitamins and minerals! Processed foods have taken control of many people’s diet simply because of their convenience factor. However, these foods are not very rich in vitamins and minerals. Why do you need them? If I was to outline every need you would have to listen to me drone on for many hours, you don’t want that and neither do I! What I will say is that having the correct balance in vitamins and minerals is absolutely imperative to general health, focussing on healthy skin, healthy blood, healthy blood pressure, healthy organs, strong immune function and healthy bones to name a few.

Top tip – ‘As a by-product of increasing your water intake you will be certainly flushing more fluid out of your system. As a result your natural mineral and vitamin stores can become depleted which is why it is very important you use a comprehensive supplement.’ Please follow the link below to see our range of multi vitamin and mineral products!

Multi Vitamin & Mineral


If you’re a mainstream customer to the food market, meaning you have gathered much of your knowledge on ‘healthy’ eating from the commercials you will know that ‘fat’ is BAD! Not the case my friend! Saturated fat is bad in large amounts, but even a small amount of this each day is healthy for men, due to the fact it supports testosterone production. Most other fats are very healthy for you for the following reasons –

. Promote a healthy cardiac system

. Help lower blood pressure

. Promote healthier joints

To get your healthy fats eat foods such as lean read meat, eggs, oily fish, cottage cheese, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and nut butters. If you are feeling plush, go for the ultimate healthy fat source, Udo’s Choice Multi-blend! I use this product everyday to help keep my body healthy and my fat levels down.


First we said the ‘f’ word and now we went one worse and said the ‘c’ word! Foods which contain cholesterol, eggs and red meat for example get very bad press. However what many people fail to realise is the differences between cholesterol. In your body you have HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. HDL cholesterol is GOOD for you because it helps transport bad cholesterol (LDL) away from the body! In short, HDL cholesterol acts as a transportation system taking the LDL cholesterol to the liver, where it can then be processed. Egg yolks and red meat, in moderation are both good sources for HDL cholesterol!


Sugar is a very problematic ingredient in the modern world when it comes to general health. It is now even in burgers, wraps, sandwiches as well as other ‘savoury’ foods simply because it adds taste! Why is sugar harmful? If you have for example, corn flakes for breakfast, chocolate bar mid morning, white ham sandwich for lunch, orange in the afternoon and then baked potato with chilli for supper your blood sugar level chart will look like a rollercoaster! As a result your insulin levels will be affected. If your insulin levels are spiked continuously, especially through the day, they will remain high which causes a lot of people to gain weight. In short, what happens is your fat cells ‘open’ and store dietary fats and it becomes very difficult to remove them! This can also potentially lead to diabetes! In the UK we have record numbers of people falling down with diabetes and high sugar diets are often the cause!

What you need to do is try and keep your blood sugar levels relatively steady for most of the day! In the morning you need to give them a small spike, which is why fruit is a good breakfast food a long with oats or brown toast for example. So how do you keep your blood sugar levels steady?

5 a day

Forget that fruit and vegetable slogan, this stands for 5 small meals a day! By eating small regular ‘meals’ you are far more likely to sustain steady blood sugar levels which will also help keep your insulin levels balanced. What foods should you eat? To be fair to a lot of people, they do eat what they ‘think’ is healthy but it is often wrong. The supermarkets bombard you with ‘healthy’ low or zero fat options, but what they don’t tell you is that the sugar content is pretty high!

Protein is a key nutrient because it helps stabilise your blood sugar levels. Forget looking like a meat head, you wont! Girls, if you need proof checkout Jennifer Aniston! She was one of the firs female celebs to openly endorse a high protein diet. When we say ‘high’ what we mean is a small portion with each meal. Where do you get protein from?

Lean red meat, poultry, eggs, fish, nuts, pulses and protein powder. (NOTE – protein powders don’t make you ‘muscley’ they are just like eating a chicken breast!)

Please follow the link below to view our wide range of protein powders!

Protein Powder

Carbohydrates are another key nutrient which will certainly play an important role in keeping your blood sugar levels steady. You are after carbohydrate sources with a LOW glycemic index because this means they digest very slowly. Why is this important? Well let’s take brown bread and white bread as an example. Eating a single portion may contain the same number of calories and carbohydrates, however what is really important is the way the body can cope with the content. The white bread will digest fast, forcing a large amount of sugar into the blood within about 30 minutes of eating it. However, the brown bread can take as long as 3 hours to digest, enabling your body to utilise the contents bit by bit. As a result, your body isn’t forced to convert it into sugar, avoiding that dreaded blood sugar spike! To help prevent calories from these complex carbohydrates turning into body fat in the evenings, switch to a fibrous carbohydrate. So what carbohydrates can you have?

Complex carbohydrates – Brown pasta, brown rice, oats, wholegrain rice cakes and brown bread.

Fibrous Carbohydrates – Broccoli, cabbage, green beans, spinach and cauliflower.

Top Tip –‘Fibre is an important part of any diet therefore you should aim to have at least 2 servings of greens a day, preferably 3 to 4. Having a constant supply of fibre will help keep your gut healthy and it will also aid with fat loss!’

Finally, to further aid steady blood sugar levels you need some healthy fats. Healthy fats slow down the rate at which your body digests food. Therefore you are essentially buying your body more time to make ‘good’ use of the nutrients you have ingested, opposed to convert them to sugar. Where can you get healthy from fats from?

Nuts, nut butter (low sugar option), red meat, eggs, extra virgin olive oil and Udo’s Choice oil.

Bringing these foods groups together to create yourself a healthier diet should hopefully enable you to prolong your health, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and enjoy life more in general!


Many people who become health conscious will tend to eat a lot of fruit! This is great, but you need to know when to eat what fruits. Natural or not, the sugar in fruit is still SUGAR therefore it can and will spike your blood sugar levels. Fruits like oranges, berries, kiwi fruit and pineapple are all perfect for breakfast and post-exercise because the sugars will help boost your depleted blood sugar levels. However, having these in the middle of the day can really upset your blood sugar levels, as we pointed out earlier when discussing sugar. Fruits like apples, pares and bananas digest more slowly, so having these occasionally as a snack in the day is OK.

Whether you want to shed a few pounds, decrease your blood pressure or just feel healthier I really hope these points have helped. Please be mindful these tips are for anybody who wants to improve their health, this is not necessarily only relevant to athletes.

Now many of you may be aware of a supplement called HMB but it’s unlikely that all of you know exactly what it is and what it is used for. It’s a very misunderstood product and can be far more effective than many give it credit for. When used properly this supplement can dramatically aid in preserving muscle mass whilst dieting or even aid in increasing muscle mass whilst trying to gain size.


So what is HMB? HMB basically stands for ß-hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate. HMB is a naturally occurring compound that is produced when the BCAA leucine is metabolised. Leucine is an essential amino acid so must be attained from food. Therefore HMB is not naturally produced in the body but must be attained through food or preferably supplementation.


So what are the benefits of the mysterious HMB?


Firstly and most importantly HMB helps to build muscle and avoid muscle breakdown by both reducing protein breakdown and increasing protein synthesis. When protein breakdown and protein synthesis are equal there is no gain in muscle. When protein synthesis is greater than protein breakdown there is muscle gain and vice versa for muscle loss. HMB is very important as it reduces the protein breakdown caused by hard workouts through a number of small biological processes. As HMB is also a metabolite of Leucine it has been shown to increase protein synthesis as well. This double benefit tips the scales positively towards the muscle building balance of synthesis over breakdown.


Further scientific studies have shown HMB to massively increase the effects of weight training on lean muscle mass. In a study conducted the results showed that, on average, trainers without HMB gained 0.18% lean muscle mass gain per week, whereas trainers using HMB, on average, gained 0.42% lean muscle mass per week. This is over double the lean muscle gains!


HMB is not only useful for bodybuilders and weight trainers. It has also been shown in studies to improve aerobic performance for endurance athletes. It has been shown to massively increase VO2 Max and can also lengthen the time before the onset of blood lactate accumulation occurs. This combined effect is extremely positive for overall aerobic performance.

So if you are looking for a product to add to your supplement stack don’t overlook HMB as it could be that missing link to help you make the gains you are looking for. HMB is relatively cheap, effective, convenient and 100% natural.





Calorie counting is a commonly used expression when people are dieting or trying to lose bodyfat. It is the most simple approach to dieting. It works on the basic rule that if calories in are less than calories out (expended through metabolism and exercise) then you will lose weight. Although there is a bit more to effectively dieting than this, in my opinion, the basic principle for the majority of people is more than valid. 1lb of fat contains roughly 3500 calories of energy. This means that if you achieve a calorie deficit of 3500 then you theoretically could lose 1lb of bodyfat. This of course isn’t exact as your body is complex and may use bodyfat stores more readily than this or be reluctant to use fat for energy. For the most part though the theory is basic but true in my opinion.


Calorie counting therefore should be the foundation of anyone looking to lose bodyfat. You should firstly know exactly how many calories you need to intake to break even. This means that the total calories you eat should exactly match the amount your body burns to keep your body running as well as the extra calories you use up during the day just moving around or exercising. You can work this out by calculating your BMR (base metabolic rate) and adding on the extra calories burned in the gym. This is never going to be exact but will give you a good starting point. Once you know this number you can reduce it by a small amount and then you have the number of calories you should be intaking to lose weight. If you are always under your maintenance calorie level then you will lose weight (depending on where you get the calories but we will discuss that later).


So how much of a calorie deficit should you be in? well in my opinion a healthy calorie deficit should be between 400 – 500 calories per day. You can do this by eating 200 – 300 calories under your maintenance level or alternatively you can eat the maintenance amount and then do an extra 400-500 calories worth of work in the gym (or do a combination of the 2). This calorie deficit should lead to 1lb of fat loss every week. I will put it a different way. If your BMR is 2000 calories then you can either eat 1500 calories and do no exercise, or you could eat 2000 calories and do 500 calories worth of exercise (or again a combination of the 2). Simple!


Like I said above there is more to a successful diet than just calories in vs calories out but to anyone starting out on a diet this is the very first thing that MUST be taken into account before you choose the foods that you will be eating.


So make sure to count all your calories. Don’t just assume something is low calorie or not bother to check as it may lose you that hard earned deficit and slow down your fat loss.



The smith machine ladder basically means using the smith machine for bodyweight exercises like press ups or lateral pull ups. It is a great way to do bodyweight exercises with changing levels of resistance. I use it on the end of a workout to fill the muscles with blood and to really get a strong burn.


The exercise basically entails using the smith machine on its varying heights to hit the muscle from different angles. This change in angle can affect the total weight you are lifting due to the vertical degree of motion.


To perform this exercise all you will need is a smith machine and a bench. You don’t even need any weights.


I will first explain how to perform this exercise using press ups.


First you will need to set the smith machine bar at its lowest point. Then place the bench at the correct distance so that you can get into press up position with your hands on the bar but with your feet on the bench and your legs straight. In this position your head should be lower than your waist. This is the point at which the load will be greatest and most of the force on your upper chest. From here you will perform a set number of reps (this will vary depending on your strength and how many sets you will be performing). I usually do sets of 10 reps. Once you have completed your reps, very quickly move the smith machine bar up to the next hooking point, put your feet back on the bench and repeat. Keep raising the bar until you get to the highest point or you hit total muscular failure. I guarantee if your smith machine has a lot of hooking points you will struggle to get to the top. As you get higher the load gets smaller so it is a sort of drop set each time. This allows you to perform more reps than you think you will be able to. If you do make it all the way to the top then start going back down again.

To do this for a different body part you could try working your back. The set up is the same but you will be the other way around. Set the bar near the bottom but leave enough room for you to hang under the bar with straight arms and not touch the floor. Put your feet on the bench with your toes pointing up and pull your body up until your chest touches the bar. Once you have done your reps you can move the bar up in the same fashion as with the press ups.

There are other exercises you can perform with this technique like close grip press ups, tricep extensions and under hand pull ups.


So give it a go, either as a warm up or a finishing exercise to get some blood into your muscles. Either way if you reach the top with 10 reps at each point, I give my respect to you.

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Rugby fever is rife at the minute with the buzz of international rugby sounding from one side of the globe to the other. As a proud of Welsh man I am sitting smug knowing that Wales are through to the semi finals of the World Cup! However, as much as I would like to go on about how great we have been playing, the purpose of this article is a very different matter. As you watch the games in New Zealand you will notice the size and strength of the players, more some than others. Within most teams there are freaks that have arms the size of your thighs and guys who are as powerful as a teased bull glugging on testosterone. You just get the feeling that if you were to share an hour in the gym with some of these guys, it wouldn’t be long before they would be searching the place high and low like a sniffer dog, after more weight!!! For the sports men among us, we have put together 2 top tips to increase your overall body power! Let’s go!

Be Explosive

To increase power you need to place your muscles under a resistance and not only move it, but drive through it! By doing this your muscles become more accustomed to explosive bursts, making your training specific to rugby for instance. For example, when you squat you need to drive back up opposed to just pushing back up. This will help engage the fast twitch muscle fibres, in particular your type 1 fast twitch muscle fibres. It is your type 1 fast twitch muscle fibres which are the most explosive.

Here are 5 great exercises to help develop your explosive power!

Bench press – this exercise is an all time classic used to hit your pectorals. However, for power athletes this exercise is a great way to increase overall upper body power. When you bench press your deltoids, traps, triceps and even your back have to work, not to mention your core muscles!

Squat – squats are the ultimate lower body exercise to help develop power and strength. Sprinters use this exercise to really help develop their quadriceps and hamstrings. Squats don’t only help build power in your legs though; they stimulate an overall increase in power and strength. How? Well, because they stimulate the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone into your system, more so than many other exercises!

Military press – the military press is a great upper body power builder, in particular for the shoulders! To add another power enhancing dimension to this exercise try and bend your knees slightly at the bottom of the repetition and power up, to help engage your legs and core muscles!

Deadlift – deadlifting is the ultimate test of strength, however it is also a great power building exercise. As you explode to the top of each repetition your hamstrings, quadriceps, back muscles and core will be heavily taxed. Your grip (forearms) will also be tested, making it a great exercise for sports men like rugby players.

Bent over barbell row – to really help improve your ability to generate power through your back try bent over barbell rows! Again, your entire upper body will be working with this exercise!

With each exercise control the negative part of the repetition and as you reach the bottom give a 100% effort to explode back to the top. Envisage a spring, and as you come down the spring gets squashed and then it explodes back to the top. This is what you need to be doing in order to improve your explosive power. Use approximately 80% of your 1 rep max with a repetition range of 3-5 per set, aiming for 5 sets per exercise!



To really stimulate your fast twitch muscle fibres and increase your power you need to fly! What we mean by this is doing exercises which require you to engage your legs and jump into the air. There are several great exercises you can do like this, but why are they important? If you are pushing against somebody on the pitch or during a fight in the ring, having the ability to generate power with your lower body will help you overcome your opponent!

Here are 3 great exercises to try to help develop your lower body power!

Progressive box jumps – you need a series of platforms which are all different in height. From here you can jump up on the lowest one 10 times, the middle one 8 times and the highest one 5 times. This is simply an example as to what kind of repetition range you can use. The key is that it is progressive!

Explosive squats – taking an Olympic bar you simply squat, yet when you drive upwards you leap into the air. This adds another dimension to an already taxing exercise, further engaging your type 1 muscle fibres!

Resistance band sprints – this exercise requires you to be attached to resistance bands. All you have to do is sprint which will be draining on your body, yet it will stimulate your type 1 muscle fibres! If you don’t have access to resistance bands, get your training partner to hold a towel around your waist and then try and sprint! Over a period of time this will help you develop power and speed!


Rugby players, MMA fighters and other power athletes using these tips will certainly help you maximise your power output.

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With the winter fast approaching we wanted to give a 3 part ‘myth busting’ series on adding muscle in the colder part of the year! Today we will start with nutrition!

For many avid gym goers who make the pilgrimage to the ‘house of pain’ several days a week the winter symbolises a time to grow! With the temperature falling a few notches on the thermostat the weather entices us less, forcing us to wear more layers. Therefore less people tend to care if their abs are on display or hiding and if they have love handles sitting above their hips. For me, this was also my approach but then I changed my outlook. Today I am going to share with you some top tips and 3 of the most common mistakes to avoid with ‘winter bulking.’

Eating to ‘grow’

When people say they are ‘bulking’ they will usually grant themselves a license to eat, eat and eat then eat some more. This is GREAT if the food is right, but often it isn’t! Complex carbohydrates play a vital role in supporting muscle growth; however there is only so much you can eat before it becomes counter productive. By counter productive I mean causing you to gain body fat! In no way shape or form does this help with building muscle; therefore I do not see the point in eating excess calories which will only make you grow fat, not muscle!

Top Tip – even though you are eating to grow, switch your complex carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and potatoes for fibrous carbohydrates in the evening. This way you are you limiting the amount of calories which can be converted into body fat.

Cheat meals

Personally I advocate cheat meals simply because without them the majority of people wouldn’t stick to a diet for more than a week. What is more, I am a big believer in having the right balance in your life. However, people tend to abuse this rule in a big way! Although they are a treat, the meal still needs to offer you enough nutrition to stay on track. That means giving you enough protein. Carbohydrates are also important but I would imagine for 99% of you the cheat of your choice will be a ‘carbfest’ anyway! So cheat foods like pizza for example are no good on their own, therefore you need to add some protein whether it means having chicken with it or just a protein shake. Remember, to really get results you have to be making every meal count, and that includes your cheat meals!

Top Tip – schedule yourself one a cheat meal a week on a night where you want to relax, maybe watch a film and spend some time with your loved ones. This way you do not isolate your family and friends which should help keep any conflict at bay in regards to your diet. If possible, make your cheat meal your post-workout meal. Why? Well, because the high sugar and carbohydrate content will be utilised more effectively when your muscles are like a pack of wounded and starving hyenas!

Lion portions

There is a big misconception that to grow you need to eat about 20,000 calories a day in about four meals! OK, maybe that is a bit of a gross exaggeration but you get the point. When you diet to shed body fat you will eat regularly to keep the metabolism firing, your muscle cells full, your blood sugar levels balanced and your insulin levels steady. Why wouldn’t you do this when you are aiming to add muscle? By keeping your muscles full, your blood sugar levels steady and your insulin levels in check you are going to be more anabolic, and you wont get as fat! Your body can only digest and assimilate X amount of food at once, whatever the goal. Therefore, stick to a regular meal frequency plan even when you are striving for mass!

Top Tip – to gain muscle mass eat at least 5 small solid meals a day, and aim for 2 protein shakes. By maintaining your meal frequency you will promote anabolism whilst simultaneously avoiding fat gain.

Remember stick to what works, don’t be tempted to do things which are going to make you gain more fat than you need to! By implementing these 3 common sense tips you should stay well on track this winter!


My name is Kate, I’m 24 and I work full time. Bodybuilding isn’t my job. I’m not a personal trainer and I don’t compete. The purpose of this article is to give you an insight into my experience of building muscle from a female’s perspective. I’m not sponsored by a supplement company so I won’t be trying to sell you anything, neither will I tell you what supplements you need to buy. I’m totally natural (drug free) so there’s no reason why anyone else reading this can’t get the same or better results than me, and I won’t talk about other peoples research/results. What I will do is talk you through my own experience of trying to build muscle over the last 9 months. What I won’t do is tell you EXACTLY how to do it. We’re all different and what worked for me may not work for you. There are lots of wrong ways to do things as well as a lot of right ways. Hopefully I can point out a couple of the wrongs and suggest a few of the rights.

Natural bodybuilding hasn’t in past years carried the same status as mainstream bodybuilding; however this is changing all the time. With more and more impressive natural athletes hitting the stage people are beginning to follow this sport more than ever. Our guest today, Grenade athlete Shane Raymond, owns one of the most impressive natural physiques in the world! From head to toe the guy packs muscle mass and thickness so many could only dream of with perfect proportions and symmetry to kill for.

Back in March where I first met Shane at the British Grand Prix & Fitness Expo I was blown away by his barn door back, and when I found out he was natural I was even more blown away. Shane is certainly somebody who you guys should look up to and be inspired by, who wouldn’t want a physique like this?


Let’s get the ball rolling! Shane, thank you for joining us mate to share with us your advice and experience. Having met a lot of athletes you really are one of the most inspiring guys I have ever spoken to!


Thanks for having me on FitMag, I really appreciate it!

To start us off Shane, what got you into training?

I originally started training just to get in reasonable shape when I was about 17, but as the years went by I managed to put on a lot of muscle very quickly due to the genetics I was gifted with.

You sure do have gifted genetics!!! When did you decide you wanted to build the physique you have to day?

It was after about a good seven or so years of just training for fun when I realised that I had the potential to build an outstanding physique after hearing good comments from people, but at the time I didn’t know just how great my potential was , I still don’ t today. So I started to take my training and diet seriously, well a least that’s what I thought at the time until I started competing 3 years ago.

What is your background and what have you achieved?

I’m a natural bodybuilder, and I won a British title in my first year of competing. Below are my results as a bodybuilder since I began competing.

BNBF 2009 central novice champion

BNBF 2009 central overall champion        

NPA 2009 south east 2nd place

NPA 2009 south east best presentation

BNPF British championships 2009 4th place

NPA British championships 2009 1st place

BNPF central 2010 heavy weight champion

BNPF central 2010 best presentation

I’m also a team Grenade model/athlete and a Reflex nutrition sponsored athlete.

You have accomplished so much on the stage. How have things changed since you started? What advice could you give to beginners who are reading this?

Not a lot has changed for me really (apart from my size!!!) but I have learned a lot about training and nutrition by reading lots of articles on line and in magazines. I have also learnt a lot about my own body, for example, how it responds to certain training programmes and diets. The best advice I could give to a beginner is to:

Read and listen to as much advice as possible

. Look for similarities in people’s views on training and nutrition (a lot of information can be conflicting, and following advice which conflicts can be counter productive)

. Put together a simple training/ nutrition plan and stick to it keeping log books, and if you’re making gains don’t change it, only change it when gains have slowed down or stop. Don’t change a lot at once. Keep the changes gradual so you can monitor the progress!

. Set your self possible targets and give every training session 100% for fast gains

. Most of all make sure you enjoy doing it

Great advice mate!!! If you were to go back in time, what would you have done differently from the start?

I would have got my nutrition on point from the start, if your diet isn’t right your time down the gym is wasted.

Did you hear that guys? Take this on board; nutrition is the kingpin of all your results! What kind of training did you use from the start, and what do you use today?

When I first started training I only trained chest, shoulders and arms and spent hours down the gym. Today I train all body parts and my sessions are shorter. I tend to use a 3 week cycle training programme which consist of pre – exhaust, heavy and volume training methods using heavy weights with basic movements.

What exercises do you rate and why?

Compound lifts such as deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press and squats because they are great mass builders.

What did your diet look like from the start and what does it look like today?

My diet today consists of, oats, whey, chicken, turkey, steak, salmon, brown rice, oranges, grapefruit, banana, sweet potatoes and casein.

As a youngster I was brought up on pretty much the same foods that I eat today, the only thing different is that I now monitor my intake of micro nutrients a lot more.

How important is a good diet?

I would have said a good diet is 70% of what builds a great physique! You are what you eat! We hear this saying all of the time but it’s as simple as that.

Why are Grenade the best fat burners?

I believe Grenades are the best fat burners mainly because of the quality of the individual ingredients that are used to produce grenades. Grenade use a combination of the most high quality fat burning ingredients i.e. green tea extract, bitter orange peel extract out there today. Not only can Grenade be used for stripping stubborn fat, it can also be used as a pre-workout energiser. I honestly believe that this product is the strongest fat burner that natural athletes can take on the market today and will be for a very long time. The results speak for themselves!

Judging by your condition, they must work! What supplements do you use?

I like to use a lot of the Reflex Nutrition range. Below are the supplements I use the most.

Reflex Instant Whey

Reflex Micellar Casein

Reflex L- glutamine

Reflex Creapure creatine

Reflex BCAAs

Reflex ZMA

Reflex Nexgen Multi-Vitamin

Grenade for fat burning and for pre-workout



To get MonsterSupplements.com full range of Reflex Nutrition products, as used by Shane Raymond, please follow the link provided below!


Top 5 must have supplements for beginners?










Grenade (for burning fat)


How important are supplements to the average gym goer?

I believe the average gym goer should be at least taking the top 5 supplements, to aid muscle repair, growth and strength because these are the reasons why we lift weights, it doesn’t make sense not to!  

Great point mate! How does living a healthy lifestyle affect other parts of your life?

I believe nothing great comes without some sort of sacrifice, but I don’t think it affects other parts of my life that much at all. I just look at it as this is my life and I’m living it the way I want to, it’s normal to me! You just have to be organised and it’s easy. Don’t get me wrong I only stick to my diet 90% of the time in the off season, but come show time I functions like a robot!!! It’s like I’m programmed to eat a certain way until I reach that date!

What are your future goals?

I believe in setting myself almost impossible targets to reach so I keep motivated and keep giving it 100% down the gym. Saying that I would have to say I would like to be known as one of the best lifetime natural bodybuilders that ever lived and winning a world title! This may never happen but I can say I tried and that I have built a respectable physique doing so!               

Where can FitMag readers contact you?

They can contact me on Facebook! Get in touch!

Shane thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us your highly valued advice and experiences!

My pleasure Ad, thanks very much having me!

FitMag readers please take heed of what Shane said in this interview. You only need to look at his physique to respect the fact that he knows what he is talking about. The saying ‘learn from your mistakes’ is outdated, instead ‘learn from other people’s mistakes’ is more applicable here! Shane has built a world beating physique, he has made the common mistakes to get there, so fast rack your gains by avoiding them through Shane’s advice!!!  




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