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We’ve all been there. You push hard every gym session, you don’t miss a meal but yet you’re stuck in a rut and progress seems to constantly elude you. It’s a horrible feeling and can cause some people to lose faith in their diet or routine and give up. But before you throw in the towel on your routine and diet you may want to try one of these supplements that may well have what it takes to give you that extra push and get you back on track.


If you’ve hit a plateau with STRENGTH – Gaspari SizeOn Max Performance


If you find yourself stuck lifting the same weight week after week then SizeOn may well be what you need to let you start adding those extra plates. SizeOn has a very impressive ingredients profile aimed at giving you that bit extra during your sessions. Per serving it provides 39g of high GI carbs aimed at improving your endurance by delivering carbs to your muscles quickly to provide energy when they need it most….whilst you train! The 5g of leucine as well as whey protein hydrolysate, isoleucine and valine are aimed at reducing muscle breakdown and post-exercise soreness meaning improved recovery so you can keep pushing yourself day after day. Two different types of creatine are also present aiming to keep muscular creatine levels higher for longer to sustain your muscles ability to exert explosive power. The impressive list goes on and on to include Taurine and various minerals and vitamins to aid hydration.

When I have used this product I have experienced greatly increased endurance, I felt like I could always squeeze out another rep or set even without dropping the weight. This meant that my strength didn’t drop off towards the end of long sessions so I could lift markedly more weight on the exercises performed towards the end of my session. Another great effect I noticed was the great pump! I’m a big fan of Superpump and the pumps and energy it gives but even Superpump couldn’t give me a pump like SizeOn provided. I rarely experienced any soreness or DOMS while using SizeOn so I was able to push myself in every session without worrying about being sore for days after. So, all in all, a great product. Also, for those who are on a carb-restricted diet there is a carb free version called SizeOn Pre-Contest.

Tip: Combine with a scoop or 2 of BCAA powder to make the ultimate Intra-workout supplement

P.S Berry flavour tastes fantastic!


If you’ve hit a plateau with BULKING – Anabolic Designs Granite Mass Stack


Anabolic Designs’ have two of the best natural testosterone boosting supplements on the market accredited to their name. So what did they decide to do? That’s right, stack them together! With this stack (what is being called the “Granite Mass” stack) it seems the result when combining them is greater than the results of the individual products. Bullk’s active ingredient is Bulbine Natelensis whereas Tauro-Test uses a variety of other active ingredients meaning there isn’t an overlap in their effects leading to a huge boost to natural testosterone levels due to the products working in synergy. I can personally testify for the effectiveness of this product, sadly I’m currently right at the end of my 8 week cycle. I went straight from a cut, in which my strength dropped off a lot towards the end, to starting a bulk using this stack. Within 2 or 3 weeks my strength was back up to the level it was before my cut and has continued to rise through out. In terms of size, I’ve gained around 10lbs since starting the stack with very minimal fat gain. I was honestly surprised by the effectiveness of this product and I believe Anabolic Designs are very realistic in comparing the effectiveness of this product to that of a pro-hormone.


Tips: Be prepared to eat big and train hard whilst using this product. Your body is going to be very anabolic during the 4 or 8 weeks you are using this product. So make sure you get your diet in line and ready before you start it and make sure your pushing yourself EVERY gym session (not that you shouldn’t be doing that normally anyway). Don’t be alarmed if you see no gains in the first 2 or 3 weeks, it can take time for the active ingredients to build up in your system and get to work (I didn’t make any gains in the first 3 weeks) so just stick with it. I would highly recommend opting for the full 8 weeks rather than a 4 week cycle to really make the most of this product.


If you’ve hit a plateau with CUTTING – Gaspari Spirodex



Very few people will say that they enjoy cutting. In my opinion the lack of energy and bad moods caused by depriving yourself of food are the most difficult parts of cutting. The reduction of strength and high amount of cardio are a walk in the park compared to the energy crashes and foul moods that come with being in a calorie deficit. Most fat burners offer to increase thermogenesis and increase fat loss but for many people losing the fat is not the problem, it’s that cutting for an extended period of time can become unbearable and lead to negative effects on the rest of your life (no energy for work, family etc.). This is where Spirodex comes in. Spirodex focuses more on tackling the psychological stresses of cutting than other conventional fat burners. Increased mental awareness and increased energy levels are the two main effects of Spirodex meaning those who are cutting can continue to do so without feeling drained and constantly tired, allowing you to keep at it and cut for longer, leading to better results. Spirodex does everything a regular fat burner does but it also make cutting easier for you which makes it a very good supplement for anyone who’s losing the battle against fat. Supplementing with Spirodex will allow you to maintain a greater calorie deficit without mood swings and energy crashes allowing you to shed those last few pounds. It’s also very easy to use with a one a day dosage.

Tip: Don’t use Spirodex from the start of your cut. The first few pounds of fat should melt off you with a decent calorie deficit and a good weights and cardio routine. Instead bring it in when fat loss stalls allowing you to get rid of that stubborn fat and give you a must needed energy and mood boost after weeks of cutting.


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Pinch, punch it is the first day of the month! Sorry for the some what immature introduction but it was meant to point out the fact that it is indeed the beginning of September! What does this mean? Well the sun will probably begin to go into hiding, it is cheaper to go on holiday and of course it is time to name ‘writer of the month’ for August!

As the nest of writers continues to expand at FitMag it is becoming increasingly harder to pick a winner. However a winner must be named! Due to his endless repertoire of knowledge, comical outbursts and ability to combine the two together your August ‘writer of the month’ is Louis Provis!

Louis joined the team around 5 weeks ago and has since submitted tens of articles which all make for great reading. For sure they educate on several different levels, but more than that they are all funny, witty and enjoyable to read. In order to transform your content into ‘winning’ material you have to make it enjoyable. The fitness industry obviously involves a lot of science which quite frankly can be bloody boring, however by sharing ‘real life’ and accurate knowledge through quirky wording you make it some what more enjoyable. People will laugh as they read your work and learn simultaneously which is certainly a winning formula. Think back to physics class, now take everything you learnt and do exactly the opposite to make your content interesting!!! How boring was it reading pages and pages of ‘black and white’ facts with hundreds of foreign formulas! Sure, make the facts easy to understand but don’t make it like a school text book!

OK guys I hope that helped you a little bit in understanding the key to readable and enjoyable content! Now I would like to personally congratulate Louis who has proven to be a major corner stone in the FitMag writing team! Keep checking out his work as he has to much more to share including content on vegetarianism and break dancing!

Of course, Louis can now search over MonsterSupplements.com and choose a FREE tub of protein of his choice. To be within a chance of winning join our team and submit your content at adam.gethin@monstersupplements.com !

There were several other writers who also submitted some awesome content, in particular Thomas Sheppard, and we are truly blessed to have a diverse team of writers like these guys to keep sharing their experiences and knowledge!

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When training the primary goal for most people is to improve on a certain area of performance or aesthetics. When training for performance there are a number of factors that will affect that improvement. These factors include things like diet, rest, quality of training and training intensity. As well as uncontrollable factors like genetics.


The theory of supercompensation basically explains a reason as to why we improve through training and the basics of how and when it happens. The human body has basic survival instincts. Back when man was a hunter gatherer if you were not fast enough to catch your prey then you died. This meant that by chasing prey you had to get faster and faster to catch it. Your body naturally adapted in order to allow survival. This theory is still present in modern day man and those natural adaptations still occur. The difference is now we are tricking our bodies into thinking it needs to adapt when survival is not an issue. If you lift a weight to the point of failure over a period of time, your body will believe that it needs to be able to lift it to survive so it adapts. The muscles are repaired bigger and stronger, your fitness levels will improve and you will find tasks easier. This progression is what leads to success in training. If you are training with light weights and never reaching failure in exercise then your body sees no reason to be bigger or stronger. Supercompensation determines how long it takes for your body to go from the recovery phase after a workout into a period of heightened performance. After your muscles have recovered your body will naturally adapt to improve performance for the next time you need it. This is the period of supercompensation. However timing is of the essence. If you train too soon you will still be in the recovery stage and you will not make progress. This is often referred to as overtraining. If you leave it too long then atrophy may occur as your body feels the need for improved performance is no longer present and the adaptation is wasted. See the graph below as a basic example


The period of supercompensation will be determined by a number of factors and is usually individual to the person. It is unknown exactly how long this period will last and how soon after training it will occur. This will be a case of trial and error for anyone wanting to improve performance. I usually train each body part once every 7 days and have noticed good gains over a period of time in performance and muscle growth. However my greatest strength gains came when I was training each body part once every 4 days. This was on a very high calorie diet and I was getting lots of rest. I believe with proper diet and rest you can cut the recovery time down and therefore make much faster gains by being in the supercompensation period more often.  I feel training a body part every 7 days meant I was missing much of my supercompensation period.


So in conclusion if you are wanting to make improvements in performance then I recommend you search for your window of opportunity and plan your training routine around that. Don’t just train a body part once per week because that’s what everyone else does.  You may see benefit from more regular training and reap the rewards of your period of supercompensation.

Good morning Fitmag readers. My name is Adam Campbell. I am a new writer on fitmag and thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know a bit about me.

I will start with the basics. I am 21 years old, 6 foot 4 and my main interest in life is weight training. I have been training in the gym for 8 years and have done almost every form of weight training imaginable. My philosophy is to try everything in order to see what works best for you. Don’t just do what you see the big guys doing as it may not be what works best for you. As well as weight training I have also done many forms of martial arts and have boxed on and off for a few years.

I feel over the last 8 years I have made a massive difference to my appearance. In my case its the good old cliche of “I was the skinny kid in school”. This was actually the case and I always aspired to be big and strong. My main influence was my grandfather who was (and still is) heavily involved in weight training. When i turned 14 he took me to the gym and showed me the ropes. Over the next few years i transformed my body from this:

to this:

I gained 6 stone of muscle. I am a natural ectomorph (tall and thin) so gaining weight is often hard. I know there are a lot of “hardgainers” out there so I may be able to offer some help.

After a few years of training and dieting with what i would describe as “limited knowledge” I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. I managed to get a job at monster supplements. This opened up the doorway for me to gain vast amounts of knowledge about training, diet and supplementation. I learned everything there was to know about supplements and how to use them effectively as part of your training lifestyle. I worked for monster supplements for nearly 3 years before moving to london to train to be a gym instructor and personal trainer. I hope to use the knowledge I have gained over the years from my time at monster supplements and from my own personal training to help any fitmag readers in achieving their goals.

My training plan for the next 12 weeks can be seen HERE. I will video each of my workouts so that you can see what I am doing as well as read about it. I feel that will be very beneficial to anyone wanting to perhaps do a similar routine.

So please look out for my articles and videos. If anyone has any questions please feel free to e-mail me on adam@monstersupplements.com

Thank you for reading,