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Leg sessions don’t excite many gym bunnies instead they put the fear of God into them! Why would anyone enjoy feeling like they are about to expose what they had for breakfast right across the gym floor, a blow torch like burn running through their thighs right down to their feet and to top it off, feeling like you have just gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. The only reason can be is that you want o build a pair of rock hard wheels! If you are sick of suffering from a common ‘condition’ amongst the fitness community known as ‘chicken legs syndrome’ then follow these 5 steps to cure your illness!!!

Train legs EVERY week!

‘Adam, what are you going on about? Talk about stating the bloody obvious!’ Well, this may be the case but there are still so many people out there who don’t train legs every week, or at least properly. Like any other muscle group, to make them grow you need to hit them hard! Blasting your legs for anywhere between 40-60 minutes should do the trick. After 6 months check your progress photos and you will notice you are already recovering from your ‘chicken legs syndrome’!

Rep it!
As you know I am using the Y3T training principles of my 12 week transformation. Out of all my body parts it is my legs which have benefitted the most from using a different repetition range every week over a 3 week period. Since I started doing 50+ reps once every 3 weeks on legs day my legs have come on leaps and bounds. Personally, I believe that higher repetition training for legs is the best way to go. The increased volume of blood going into your quads really helps stretch your fascia and the extra repetitions help bring out your separation.

Shut up and squat!

Squats are an awesome leg building exercise and they are also the most ‘anabolic’ exercise you can do according to studies. Our natural testosterone and growth hormone levels are spiked as a result of this very exercise.

Go to that dark place!

Leg training is easily the most intense workout of the week and if your head isn’t on you are not going to get the job done. Walking into the gym before legs is just the same as heading into the ring to face a Gladiator! You have to be psyched because nothing else is going to get you through that pain and feeling of sickness. Before you train legs watch a video of somebody else smashing up a legs sessions in the gym, get your pre-workout stimulants down you and hit the workout head on. This is what you probably do for every other workout so why not for legs? Any mirror muscle pansy can smash up arms but only the men can handle legs.

In regards to your pre-workout stimulants I would also advise using PhD V-Max Pump along with MST Cre-O2 to ensure your muscular endurance and strength remains high throughout your gruelling leg workouts.



Contract, contract and contract some more baby!

A lot of guys who think they are ‘bossing’ a leg session are merely bouncing weight around with their knees! If your thighs aren’t pulsating with pain when you squat and your hamstrings aren’t burning when you stiff leg deadlift the chances are you are not contracting the muscles properly. I’m a huge advocator of doing your repetitions fairly slowly and controlling the negative all the way to ensure the target muscle is constantly under tension. If you keep your quads and hamstrings under tension throughout each exercise for an entire workout, week on week you will have a cracking set of thighs before you know it!

Right, consider yourself prepped to overcome the infamous ‘chicken legs syndrome’ which plagues many fitness fanatics. Now you need a comprehensive workout plan in order to ensure you are taking your legs beyond failure! Below is a 3 week cycle for legs, you wont enjoy the pain I can assure you but you WILL enjoy the gains!

Week 1

3 X squats 10-15 repetitions

3 X leg extensions 1-15 repetitions

3 X leg press (close stance) 10-15 repetitions

3 X stiff leg dead lift 10-15 repetitions

3 X seated leg curl 10-15 repetitions

Week 2

4 X squats 20-30 repetitions

4 X leg press 20-30 repetitions

2 X leg extensions 20-30 repetitions

2 X seated leg curls 20-30 repetitions

Week 3

2-3 X circuit below

Leg press 50-60 repetitions

Leg extensions triple drop set, 10 reps per drop

Smith machine squats 10-15 repetitions

Dumbbell squats 8-10 repetitions

There is a basic guide for you to follow to add some serious size and shape to your thighs. Remember if you can get your legs to grow then the chances are the rest of your body should follow! Leg training is intense so when you think about giving up picture in your head me screaming ‘’Oi, chicken legs get your arse into gear!!!!’ Enjoy guys!

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When dieting it is almost certain that you will develop cravings. There are many ways to deal with these cravings, but one of the most effective ones in my experience is to consume food and drink that feel like a cheat but actually wont negatively affect your diet in any way.


These foods or drinks must contain very little calorific value and must not be detrimental in any way to the structure of the diet you have planned for yourself.


When dieting the thing that most people will crave is something sweet. It is very hard to get foods that can fit in with an effective cutting diet that genuinely taste nice and sweet so it tends to be the first thing that people crave.


Here are a few of my favourite sweet tasting snacks:


Sugar free jelly:


When I discovered sugar free jelly on my last diet I can’t describe the happiness I felt. It almost seemed sad that I should be so overjoyed to find something that most people wouldn’t even remotely care about. However I was happy and here’s why.


It tastes AMAZING. I can’t tell the difference between sugar free jelly and normal jelly. I used to eat it on a night time when cravings get really bad and it felt like I was cheating because it tasted so good. I almost wanted to not eat it as I felt bad for doing so. However it wasn’t cheating and after I had reduced a portion size of an earlier meal, it didn’t affect my total daily calorie intake at all.


Check out the nutritional info:


Per 1 pint of jelly:

28 calories

5.6g protein

1.3g carbs

0g fats


This is equivalent to ¼ scoop of protein powder. I know which I would rather have as a filling snack. The best brand I came across was hartleys sugar free jelly and the raspberry flavour was delicious.


Diet fizzy drinks:


Now there is debate over diet coke and its alternatives in regards to dieting. Some people say that it can actually make you hungrier and that it can be mildly inulinogenic. On a high carb diet this could be detrimental; however on a low carb diet I don’t see how this can have any negative effect. I also personally did not feel that it made me hungrier and had the total opposite effect. Hunger is a state of mind that can be very easily affected by forced thinking. If someone told you that diet coke would make you hungry I guarantee you will feel hungry after drinking it. If I said it made you feel full I am pretty sure you will feel full after drinking it. With that in mind, drinking diet coke will make you feel full!!


Diet drinks are useful for 2 reasons. Firstly they taste sweet and that satisfies cravings very very well. Secondly they are carbonated so will leave you feeling full and maybe even slightly bloated. This will make you not want to eat and therefore far less likely to eat any cheat food.


My favourite diet drinks are:


Diet cherry coke

Pepsi Max

Diet coke with lime

Lilt zero


So if you feel yourself getting close to cracking and potentially cheating on your diet I recommend trying one of these guilt free treats to satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your gains.