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From a beginner’s point of view it is hard to grasp the feeling of having that ‘ideal’ physique. It is almost like looking at the owner of a Ferrari and imagining what it is like to own it, you can dream, but you never quite grasp the reality of it until you own one yourself. To be ‘buff’ means so much to so many young men and lads nowadays and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there are so many perks associated with being ‘stacked’ as it were. The point of all of this is that I was compelled to outline the benefits of getting into shape as a young male from my point of view. To enable yourself to relate to me, I was 10 stone and skinny 5 years ago and today, well, I am at least in half decent shape I hope!!! So here goes, if ever you needed a kick up the arse here it is lads, 5 top reasons to take the plunge and go from scrawny to brawny!


Personally I believe that self-confidence has a huge impact, both negatively and positively as to where you end up in life. If you don’t have much self-confidence I think other parts of your life become more strained, however, I also feel other parts of your life benefit massively if you have plenty of self-confidence. In my experience if you have a nicely chiselled physique, ripped abs and healthy look about you then you begin to enjoy being you. You feel a million dollars, or pounds should I say and to me this will certainly benefit you in your professional life, social life and dare I say your love life!?


In this day and age it is nice to know you can protect yourself as well as your loved ones if you ever need to. Maybe the riots of recent days have made me feel paranoid however I often wonder if people you read about being hurt could have looked after themselves better IF they worked out. Is this silly, I don’t know!? However surely if you are stronger than your average Joe and fitter you stand a better chance of fending off some of the idiots who wonder our streets today. How often do you read an interview with a pro MMA fighter, boxer or even bodybuilder and the main reason they started to pump iron was because they were being picked on. To me, feeling strong and secure is certainly a huge plus and perk of my hours spent in the gym.

Sporting performance

In recent years if you look you will notice that a lot of professional sports men are in the best shapes of their lives. For sure, rugby players have always been big but now more of them are in shape, almost like a bodybuilder, as are some football players today. This is no coincidence. The reason for this is purely because these athletes and their coaches have learnt the benefits of resistance training, eating properly and using supplementation and found that by embracing these things their performance on the field improves. If you are into sport I, whatever it is, I strongly recommend you make this part of your lifestyle. On a personal level I am friends with guys and girls who play football, rugby, cricket, long distance runners, martial artists, cyclists and rowers who all feel their time in the gym benefits their sports, as does their diet and supplementation plan. In school I was often encouraged to pack in my love for the gym, yet ironically these P.E teachers who are supposed to understand sport and nutrition didn’t grasp that this would improve my game in other areas of my sporting life.

Future prospects

If someone told me when I was 16 I would be editor of the UK’s biggest and best supplement website at 21 I would have laughed in their face!!! So often you set out to achieve something and get side tracked. In the fitness industry I have found that by taking action and achieving results with my physique opportunities present themself and I think this will happen more and more to more and more people. This industry is booming and people’s over all perception of health and fitness is changing, therefore I think it is a great industry to get involved in. who knows, in 5 years one of you guys may be a personal trainer for celebrities, a fitness cover model for a major magazine or a pro athlete yourself. My point is, by taking the plunge and getting into shape I have found anything is possible and you will genuinely amazed how doors open as you push yourself. For me, this is exactly why I view every tub of protein, every food shop and every trip to the gym as an investment and I will continue to do so as should you!


I deliberately left this one until last! For me health is everything because without you are not going very far!!! If I had three wishes which would enable me to influence people through the work I do one would definitely be to change their eating and drinking habits. Today we live in a culture where ‘boredom’ is rife therefore younger generations and driven to drink in order to escape reality. This is my opinion anyway, why else would you want to give yourself a splitting headache every week, decorate your bathroom with your stomach contents and burn a hole in your pocket? If you would instead get into weight training you automatically have something to do every day of the week and every hour of the day. Why? Well, because you have to eat right 24/7 so going out and getting slaughtered all of a sudden seems really bad to you, as where before it didn’t seem that way. By taking one step and committing yourself to getting into shape you are going to benefit your long term health for sure!!! With the huge influx of health issues among our younger generations today I don’t think you can afford not to take care of your health. In 20 years you will wish you would have got into shape and packed in the party circuit I promise you!

If you are going to go for it then I congratulate you because it isn’t an easy thing to do, but it is bloody worth it! Follow the below link to get yourself a diet plan and below are my ‘3 must have’ supplements for beginners!





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As our ‘ABC guide to big arms’ series gains momentum you should be feeling considerably more confident in your own ability to train correctly and to make your arms grow like never before! After all it is knowledge that counts and that is exactly what we have shared with you. However, as you know training is only half of the jigsaw, the other pieces come from nutrition and supplementation! Today we will discuss a diet and supplementation plan which will give you the best chances to build a pair of ‘swole’ arms!

Of course, you are not eating a certain diet specifically just to make your arms grow; it will hit all areas of your body. However, you are going to need to eat right in order to build a ballistic pair of arms so take down some notes and hit the supermarkets, oh and remember your credit card you will need it!

This diet must consist of enough protein to allow your body to recover AND build new muscle tissue. It must also contain enough calories in the form of carbohydrates in order to prevent muscle break down, promote anabolism and to provide you with enough energy to work your way through those killer workouts we gave you! Fats are also important because your joints need protection from this kick arse training you are doing. Here goes!

(This is based on an average 200lb male bodybuilder)

Breakfast – 60g oats, ½ banana, 2 chopped strawberries, and 2 scoops chocolate PhD Whey HT+

2 caps of Udo’s Choice

Mid Morning – 3 220g white fish, 300g sweet potato, 50g broccoli, 1 sliced tomato and 2 sliced mushrooms

Lunch – ½ sachet brown microwavable rice, 200g chicken breast, 50g broccoli and ½ can tinned tomatoes

2 caps of Udo’s Choice

Mid Afternoon – 3 slices brown toast, 2 whole eggs & 6 egg whites scrambled and 100g pineapple

Pre-workout – PhD V-Max Pump & MST Cre-O2

Post-workout – CNP Pro-Recover and 1 kiwi fruit

Supper – 250g lean minced beef (drained of fat), 200g baked potato and mixed salad

Before bed – 2 scoops of Gaspari Myofusion, 1 table spoon of crunchy peanut butter and 100g low fat cottage cheese

Snack on PhD Growth Factor 50 bars between meals to get extra protein and carbohydrates into your system to help with packing on size, especially your arms!!!

This diet takes you way over the 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight and closer to 2g which I think is worth doing during your quest to add at least an inch to your arms! Occasionally I will do this to shock the body and force my muscles to grow! At 20 I had 16’’ arms and I was desperate to make them bigger so I did something similar to this and now they measure 17.5’’ when I am very lean and cold. Pumped these babies are a smidge over 18’’ if I train biceps and triceps together!!!

Back to the point of this article, the supplement stack included within the diet is so important! By Christmas I am going to have 18’’ arms cold and the two key supplements I will be using to ensure this happens is MST Cre-O2 and PhD V-Max Pump! MST Cre-O2 will ensure my strength and muscle endurance levels remain at their peak which will enable me to push my biceps and triceps beyond their usual limit every week without fail! The same can be said for PhD V-Max Pump and this will also help pump a higher volume of blood into my arms. Why is this so important? Well because I am very egotistical and I love to look HUGE! Sorry, the real reason is that the extra blood being forced into my arms should help stretch out the fascia. As this happens there will be more room for new muscle tissue to develop. To get the full supplement stack off MonsterSupplements.com I listed in this diet just follow the relevant links below and they will be with you tomorrow!!!


PhD V -Max Pump


PhD Whey HT+

Gaspari Myofusion

MST Cre-O2



Udo’s Choice


OK guys that concludes the ‘ABC guide to big arms’ and I really hope you have found many useful tips along the way. What you now need to do is put this plan into action and post your results on our FitForum and send in articles listing your results for FitMag! Good luck!

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Toast is one of the nation’s favourite snacks! It is very quick to make, tastes lovely with a cup of tea and it is warm which is comforting considering the weather we tend to get in the UK. However, white toast isn’t something we can enjoy on a diet, it just doesn’t have the nutritional value to promote fat loss, and in fact it will promote fat gain! Luckily, brown bread is a superb source of low G.I carbohydrates and it also tastes great! Here are 3 very fast recipes to make a muscle building, hunger busting toasty!

Toasty 1 –

100g of lean chopped beef steak

4 chopped baby tomatoes

½ chopped red pepper

2 sliced mushrooms

Served with 1 fried egg

This toasty is a fantastic way to get in your protein, carbohydrates and fats with the addition of the egg. There is a nice mixture of flavours and textures here so it isn’t too dry, which is always nice when you consider it can be hard to make ‘healthy’ food taste good!

Toasty 2 –

100g tuna mixed with 50g low fat cottage cheese

½ chopped green pepper

½ sliced red onion

4 chopped baby tomatoes

Again like toasty 1, this delivers a great balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. It is important to include enough ‘accessories’ such as peppers, tomatoes and onions because they help with the texture and they can also help with digestion.

Toasty 3 –

100g chargrilled chicken breast coated in almond butter

50g of pineapple chunks

½ sliced red onion

2 sliced mushrooms

This recipe is bouncing with flavours and again it is loaded with a great balance of nutrients geared towards muscle recovery and growth! This is ideal for post-workout with the higher G.I carbohydrates from the pineapple! This is as close as you can get to the wonderful ‘Hawaiian’ Pizza whilst dieting!

There you have 3 really fast recipes do make in the toaster. There are no prizes for guessing you cannot coat the outer layers of the toast in butter to stop it from sticking, instead use a non-stick agent on your toasty maker and extra virgin olive oil 1 cal spray. Next time you cannot sit still due to hunger, consider having one of these as a scrumptious snack!