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It isn’t very often that an all time bodybuilding legend brings out a new line of supplements, in fact the last time one did it went global! Think the guy who started was called Rich someone (Gaspari for those of you who don’t get it!)? Anyway, fortunately for all of us the one and only Berry De Mey has brought out his very own supplement line and this is a true blessing! For those of you, who are not up to speed with Berry, check out his profile on the internet and you will be blown away! This guy is a true champion of champions and the fact he has launched a product line is great news because you know the knowledge behind the products is going to be A1!

So a little about Berry De Mey the brand as we know it today! Berry has come up with a unique concept where by you as the consumer can buy ‘elite’ products which are shall we say the ‘crème de la crème’, but you can also buy straight forward products if you are on a tighter budget. The less expensive products are still as good quality, they just have less other additions! Doesn’t that sound awesome? Using a supplement line which can basically accommodate a fluctuation in budget from month to month without compromise!

In regards to the products on offer, Berry De Mey has come straight out with a full range! You can get a very high quality protein blend, Casein protein, Creatine, fat burners all the way down to your energising supplements, BCAAs and amino acids! The point is, Berry De Mey has offered you a full range of supplements right away, and you can even choose the price to an extent!

How do I truly rate Berry De Mey products? Personally I feel that the ingredients are top of the pile as Berry hasn’t left any stone unturned. It is clear by the quality of all the products that Berry is aiming for the best, and I think he has achieved this! However, what I really rate is the fact that he has offered two separate ‘tiers’ of supplements. Offering a more affordable range is genius because sometimes no matter how much you want to, you cannot always stretch far enough! We all want to drive Ferraris, but not all of us can afford it! What Berry has done is offer a ‘Ferrari’ substitute for a fraction of the price, making it a very desirable choice I must say!

To conclude I have a great feeling about Berry De Mey and I think this brand will grow from strength to strength! As I said it isn’t every day a bodybuilding legend launches a supplement line, and when they do I think it is very important to embrace it because you know the products are based on real life experiences! 10/10 Berry!!!

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Supplement shopping can be a mind boggling experience right? Logging on to MonsterSupplements.com instantly gives you access to the very best nutritional supplements available on the market, the problem is which ones do you choose? Honestly, if I hadn’t have had the luxury of having somebody to guide me from day 1 I probably would have spent hours trying to choose which supplements to choose! So I thought I should give back and try and do the same for you guys, helping you pick out which supplements!

Your choice of supplement boils down to what your goals are! Let’s presume that you want a beach body, therefore you need to get lean, stay lean and stay nice and healthy because you love your sports, and therefore you don’t want to get run down! OK, follow me and I will be your personal shopper for the day!


Protein supplements are the most hotly contested of them all, there are literally thousands of protein supplements on the market promising to do better, what the last one promised to do! This becomes very hard work because you just don’t know where to turn. Lets be honest, not everyone knows what the ingredients actually equate to! Yes you can read what it says, but what does it mean? When I was school, I would read ‘Algebra’ but I sure as hell couldn’t do it no matter how hard the teacher tried! You are looking for a low calorie, low carbohydrate product with a high percentage of protein per serving and one which tastes amazing! Luckily, I have tried A LOT therefore I can advise on the taste and quality. With a protein, you need a fast digesting whey isolate for the morning and post-workout and then a multi-blend timed release protein for the day and before bed. Here are my top 2 from each category!

Whey Isolate – Gaspari Intrapro & PhD Whey HT+

Multi-Blend – CNP Pro-Peptide & Gaspari Myofusion


Fat Burners

Fat burners are immensely popular this time of the year, and it is no surprise when some of them hold the potential to really accelerate your fat loss! However, there are many which claim to be miracle pills and they just aint! Fat burners generally help with fat loss by increasing thermogenic activity within your body amongst other pathways! Below are my top 3 fat burners for you shoppers out there!

Anabolic Designs Shredabull & Grenade



To stay nice and lean you must get 110% out of every workout. This means every cardio session, every weights session, every circuit’s session and whatever other exercise you participate in! Using a high quality pre-workout supplement will help you achieve this. Again, a lot of these supplements are full of ‘quick fix’ ingredients to give you a short high so you feel as if they are working. Real quality supplements will stay with you throughout the workout and make you physically and mentally stronger and more energised! My choices through vast experience of these supplements are as follows!

PhD V-Max Pump & Ultralife NOX Pump!

If you are struggling to pick out which supplements you want, I really hope my personal shopping experience has helped you! My opinions are based on experience and I have no reason to choose one brand over another, therefore you can rest assured my choices are my true opinion!