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Every day whether it is on the TV, the radio or in a magazine you hear and read about just how important it is to eat vegetables for your health. Of course, this is completely true because vegetables are absolutely essential in order to maintain a healthy state within your body. However, you don’t hear so much about how eating mountains of certain vegetables will in fact have you shredded to the bone! Read on as this article explains how eating certain vegetables along with a high protein diet have the potential to have you looking peeled!

The vegetables being referred to are indeed fibrous vegetables, and mainly greens. Fibrous vegetables such as broccoli, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage and even salad are able to support fat loss like you would never believe when consumed in the right amounts along with a high protein diet. So how exactly does this work?

In short, fibrous carbohydrates are very low in calories and energy therefore you are able to eat astronomical amounts without suffering from any fat gains, in fact, it is more likely you will experience a degree of weight loss. As you are eating so much your body feels full and therefore doesn’t feel the need to hold on to stored energy sources such as body fat. Furthermore, the fact your body is digesting these fibrous carbohydrates causes a large expenditure in calories which also promotes fat loss.

It gets more interesting because your body can’t get much energy out of all the fibrous vegetables you are eating or the protein; therefore it needs to start tucking into your body fat levels as its primary source of energy. Obviously this can lead to fat loss. However, in order to prevent your body from eating your muscle tissue you should always keep some slow burning complex carbohydrates in there as well such as brown rice, sweet potato or brown pasta.

From a health point of view ingesting high levels of green fibrous carbohydrates can be great due to the rich antioxidant content of these vegetables. Free radical neutralising antioxidants are essential for remaining healthy, and if you can keep your immune function high then it stands to reason your body can utilise more energy on training, fat burning and repairing damaged muscle tissue. As an athlete who eats a lot of food it is particularly important you keep your immune function high! Get your greens in to support weight loss as well as your health!

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Reaching your goal in any walk of life is always nice! Some may argue you never reach your goal in the world of health & fitness because you always want more! However, if you are one of the lucky ones who has realised your goal, then what do you do next?

This may sound like a crazy question, but if you are in your early 20s and you have built the physique you ideally want where do you from here? Do you just train for the next 10 years to maintain what you have, decide you want more or what?

Training to just ‘maintain’ can be a dangerous game because you can quickly become bored, too content, too comfortable and complacent. With that being said I would advise you set yourself some new goals and here are some of my suggestions. For the purpose of the article we are going to be base this on a 23 year old male who packed in football, tennis and cycling at 16 to build a physique he desired, which he saw on the front of several fitness magazines! Now, 7 years later he has that very body, and now he doesn’t know where to go!

Start playing sport again

There is a common misconception that you cannot participate in sport and carry a nice lean muscular physique. For sure you cannot carry a ‘bodybuilder’s’ level of muscle mass if you play a lot of football, but that isn’t what we are talking about here. Going back to playing a sport you enjoy will probably keep you hungrier to maintain your physique and it will also go along way to keeping you in good condition all year round! Before matches just be sure to take in your BCAAs and L-Glutamine as well as after, along with a post-workout recovery shake and you shouldn’t sacrifice your hard earned muscle mass! The same can be said for tennis and other similar sports!


If you have built the ‘ideal’ beach body and you don’t know where to go from there consider modelling in the industry! Get a professional photo shoot done, market yourself to magazines and websites! This way by having a shoot in the future to focus on this gives you a very good reason to maintain what you have built. Once the novelty of looking physically good wears off, you need something else to keep the flame well and truly lit!

Cycle your cardio

Cycling was a big part of your life before you decided to go from skinny to brawny, make it part of your life again! There is no logic sacrificing all of the things you love doing just to look good when in fact, you can do both! Make cycling part of your cardio exercise programme because this will only contribute to keeping you lean.

There are 3 things I would advise you to do once you have achieved your goals! Myself included packed in a lot of sports I loved in order to build a body which I craved for. Fast forward time 5 years and I have built a body close to what I set out to do. You can bet I will be enjoying a few games of tennis in the near future, as well as football and the other sports I left behind! Being an ultimate athlete is in so many ways fulfilling, and I truly believe once you have built that ‘designer physique’ then you can still enjoy your other sports alongside maintaining your physique of gold!

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We all want our food to taste good, but often find this means adding a calorific sauce to accompany our meal. Here are some zero to low calorie options that help make a meal enjoyable.

Yellow Mustard
Yellow mustard is a tangy condiment for sandwiches and dips. Many brands of this popular condiment contain zero calories, but some do contain up to 5 calories per serving.

Wine Vinegar
Popular in salad dressings and in Mediterranean dishes, wine vinegar contains zero calories and is sold in red and white varieties.

Hot Sauce
Adding spice does not mean adding calories. Many hot sauces on the supermarket shelves contain zero calories.

Horseradish has been used medicinally and in kitchens for over 3,000 years. Often eaten with dishes that include beef or seafood, horseradish is a spicy and pungent zero calorie condiment. Label reading is important, because many brands contain cream or sugars which increase the caloric contents.

Lemon Juice (if you can stand it, I can’t!)
Lemon juice, with its sweet and sour flavor combination, make it a zero-calorie condiment used in many kitchens and restaurants. Lemon juice is commonly added to dress up fish dishes and can freshen up a simple glass of water.

Many salsas are low in cals, provide vitamin C and are also fat-free. Choose a low-sodium salsa that contains tomatoes and onions. If you like the taste of spicy foods, many salsas also contain jalapenos or other peppers. Make your own salsa by combining tomatoes, onions, peppers and garlic in a food processor and pureeing until smooth. Serve on cooked meats or with tacos or burritos.

Plain Yogurt
Salad dressing and mayonnaise are main ingredients in many recipes such as chicken salad or tossed salad. Replacing these high-fat and high calorie condiments with plain yogurt will help you stick to your diet and will add nutrition to your food as well. Plain yogurt is high in calcium and also contains protein, which will help satisfy your hunger for fewer fat and calories. Mix plain yogurt with skim milk and herbs for a healthy salad dressing or replace mayonnaise in recipes with plain yogurt for a similar taste and texture.

If you choose the right ketchup you will be able to enhance the taste of your food without adding too much salt or sugar to your meal. Many brands of ketchup contain added sugar and salt, which decreases how nutritious this condiment is. Look for natural ketchup because it is often made primarily of pureed tomatoes and spices and does not contain as much sugar and sodium as other brands. Ketchup complements the taste of many foods, including burgers, sandwiches, pasta dishes and eggs, so you can stick to your weight loss goals more easily.

Salt, Pepper, Spices, Herbs, Soy Sauce, Extra light Mayo, tomato based pasta sauces (normally 50 or lower calories).

Great one I tried recently:
Discovery Fajita Spices- very low in calories (like 9 per portion). Makes chicken un-boring, tastes great with anything salad, rice, or even how it’s meant to be done in a wrap!

Hope this goes some way to making peoples diets a bit more bearable!