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Recently a study in the Journal of The American Dietetic Association has good news for us beef eaters. Nutrition researchers found that a simple rinsing process reduced the fat content of cooked ground beef mince by as much as 50 percent!! Blotting can be used to reduce the fat content of cooked burgers, meatballs and meatloaf. So whether you buy ground beef for taste, convenience or price, you also can enjoy the health benefits of lower-fat ground beef with a few easy steps. This also means if you buy say a 30% lean mince meat by using this method you can reduce it down to 10%, saving vast amounts of money!

Reducing Fat in Cooked Ground Beef Mince by Rinsing and Draining:
By following the easy steps below, you can cut the fat in your favorite recipes that call for cooked
ground beef crumbles, such as chili, spaghetti with meat sauce and tacos. This technique will allow you to take advantage of lower-priced, higher-fat ground beef and still enjoy the benefits of a leaner product.

Step 1
Brown ground beef in skillet over medium heat 8 to 10 minutes or until no longer pink. Stir occasionally to break beef into large pieces (about 1/4 inch).

Step 2
Meanwhile heat some water (1/2 glass): microwave, in a pan or kettle, but not till boiling, just very hot!

Step 3
Drain fat from skillet.
Using a slotted spoon, remove beef mince to large plate or other container lined with some layers paper towels. Let sit 1 minute; blot top of beef with more paper towels.

Step 4
Place beef in a line mesh strainer or colander and set it on a bowl.

Step 5
Pour hot water over beef to rinse fat. Drain 5 minutes.

Step 6
Proceed as recipe directs.

Ground Beef Nutrition Facts
5% 145cals 6g fat
10% 185cals 10g fat
15% 213cals 13g fat
20% 230cals 15g fat
27% 248cals 18g fat

For those of you on a tight budget, regular minced beef can be a much cheaper alternative to steak for example! By following these simple steps you can significantly decrease the fat content in your minced beef! Now you can enjoy lovely minced beef meals like never before!!!

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3 must have foods

It is so hard to keep healthy good nutrition, it is so busy at work and so busy at home…” whatever, we should not make it sound so difficult. You only need a simple eating plan which helps you to keep your healthy balanced diet. There are three things you should remember to have every day and keeping them in your every day life helps you to reach your goals without thinking too much. So my nutrition ABC

A – Add Protein

B- Beat the fat, eat good fats

C- Consume vegetables

So let’s have a closer look…if I have to say just 3 food of every section it would definitely be A- Egg white, B- nuts, C-broccoli! Why?  Egg white is a high quality protein that helps to repair muscles and protein keeps you full longer.  I have an egg white omelet every day, it is tasty, easy to cook and super healthy.  Nuts are high in protein and they contain lots of unsaturated fats which are really important for fat burning and really take care of your skin from the inside, best lotion ever in the markets… and it is the only thing that beats Biotherm!!! Broccoli is rich in vitamin C which helps aid muscle soreness and cleanses your body from damaging free radicals and it also contains fibers which help your digestion.

When you have a healthy diet that does not mean it has to be boring, food can still be really tasty and delicious.  If you can, have as much as possible unprocessed food.  That way you get more vitamins and fewer ingredients that we do not need and this helps avoid saturated fats.

There are many options how to cook egg whites. You can have scrambled egg white with vegetables, omelet with blueberries and cinnamon, or if you prefer a salty snack then egg white, tomato and salmon is a really tasty combination.

With nuts I like to cycle them. For the first week I use more almonds, next week walnuts, then cashews and maybe next week Brazil nuts.  Broccoli and almost all my vegetables I steam, when all the vitamins are still safe and I like the taste more. Also steamed vegetables digest easier than raw.

So don’t make it too complicated for yourself, just simply build your daily nutrition around those three main points. Easy to remember; protein, fats and vegetables.  Simply the best, what else could you ask for?!

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I have a secret to share…..and that is……THERE IS NO SECRET!

If you’ve seen ‘Kung Fu Panda’, you’ll know what I’m talking about! We’d love there to be a strange combination of foods, or a magic pill, or a wonderful piece of machinery that will overnight give you the body of your dreams.  But the truth of the matter is THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

I’m sorry if you feel the same as that fateful day when you discovered your dad was Santa Claus but, get used to it! The faster you can accept that the faster you can get onto getting the body you want.

So what are we talking about here? Yep, good clean food and good effective training. Oh….and time! Don’t expect to lose 3 years worth of fat gain in 3 weeks, if you know what I mean! The guys with the muscles you envy at the gym didn’t wake up with them after a month ‘popping in to the gym’. Understand now that your body is always a work in progress, the job is never done. Put the time and work in and you can expect results when you are honest and realistic!

Now supplementation can also really enhance your results but at the end of the day the basics should be eat well and train well.  I get asked a lot about what I take, what training and what I eat or don’t eat.  Supplements should enhance your diet, not BE your diet.  Keep it simple and find what works for you.  I would recommend these as my top three and why.

1) Protein powder- not instead of lunch or dinner, eat real food but use protein shakes as a quick absorbing protein, post training in particular. Every athlete can use this with great gains but everyone uses them differently. Check out the content on FitMag for more in depth information on protein powders. There are loads on the market that do different things and have all sorts of weird and wonderful things added to them. I use one first thing in the morning (I’m up at 5am!) and post training to ensure I stay anabolic and can get the gains from my training.

2) Fish oil- I take 6-8 a day. They aid cardiovascular health as well as neurological health and have shown to improve skin and eye health.  A must supplement!

3) Magnesium-Low levels of magnesium have been linked to depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It helps optimise the use of vitamin D in the body and plays a role in promoting better sleep and lower stress levels. The less stress and better sleep you have, the lower your cortisol levels are and I’ve seen a distinct reduction in abdominal fat when cortisol is managed.

Do your research and look honestly at your diet and training. Don’t kid yourself. I hear so many times ‘I have a really good diet….’ but on analysis it’s filled with foods and drinks that really hinder any kind of progression.  If it was really good you would have the body you wanted and wouldn’t be gaining fat or not failing to gain muscle. Be prepared to change something.  It might be taking something out or adding something in, but no change here then no change there.  Have the guts to change. So what if your mate doesn’t like it?  It’s not their body.  Jealousy is a cruel thing; many friends can affect your performance by being negative.  You don’t need it. Tell them it means a lot to you. Be proud of you and what you want. There’s only one chance……live it well!

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One of the most challenging aspects of getting into shape and staying in shape is eating enough of the right foods. Take me off a ‘’diet’’ for 4 weeks where I can eat what I want and I will not stop eating. In fact, my voice becomes muffled because I always have food in my mouth! Put me on a ‘’diet’’ and I really struggle to eat all of the food to begin with. Why is this? Simply put the foods I choose to eat if I have free reign are very fast digesting, so you never feel full for long. On a diet, the food is dense and slow digesting and it can be very hard to get down the volume required. Thankfully, Anabolic Designs have created a fantastic unique product which goes a very long way to solving this problem. Enter Ravenous!

Anabolic Designs Ravenous is designed with appetite in mind; however, it doesn’t aim to suppress cravings. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Ravenous stimulates your hunger so that come meal time you are only too glad to scoff every gram off the plate!!! Considering I personally hear this complaint by a huge percentage of people, insisting they can’t eat all of the food they need to, it sounds as if Anabolic Designs have created a real winning formula!

In more depth, Ravenous has the potential to significantly increase your body’s ability to digest and absorb the food you eat! This means that your rate of protein assimilation should improve leading to faster recovery and growth. This also means that you can afford to eat more protein because your body is able to assimilate it! Considering Ravenous provides with a mammoth appetite this should be no trouble whatsoever!

How have Anabolic Designs achieved this? Ravenous contains a unique blend of ingredients which help clear the digestive tract. As a result your body is able to digest food much more efficiently than ever before. The ingredient blend in Ravenous also helps stabilise your PH levels, further aiding healthy digestion.

It is key for any athlete to have efficient digestion because with all of the nutrients you are eating, there is a higher risk of health issues with the liver in particular due to the toxins, which can potentially occur. As stated above, it stands to reason if you have an enhanced rate of digestion you are going to grow and recover faster than ever because your body is able to make better use of the nutrients you ingest.

With this all being said, Ravenous is the perfect supplement for any athlete who needs to take on large quantities of protein, anybody who suffers with bloating or anybody who really struggles to get those extra couple of meals in a day! Don’t kid yourself, if you are missing out on meals because you are too full, you won’t progress! With Anabolic Designs Ravenous on hand, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get in all the food you require! Overall, this is a top notch formula!

To get your Ravenous right away, follow the link below!!!


Training correctly is so important! Training comes down to everything; you can’t just go in lift and get big. Some can, those are the people we are all jealous of because they are genetically gifted. However for us ‘normal’ people our training should involve a good choice of exercise’s with a good weight.

‘Good’ weight varies from person to person; don’t try lifting more than you can handle. You will either do some serious damage, or look like an idiot stuck under it. Everyone started somewhere, even the likes of Cutler, Warren or Heath (IFBB pro-bodybuilders) didn’t start on a 100kg bench press. Technique is also important, you want to lift the weight not throw it. You have numerous things that are important to know. Your body although needing to train and constantly improve to grow, actually grows outside the gym. This is why sleep is essential as part of your program, 8 hours is a good time to aim for. You then have things called sets and reps. Reps are how many time’s you do an exercise for in a row. For example if you do 10 push ups in a row, you have done 10 reps. If you pause and do another 10, you have then done 2 sets. So you have done 2 sets of 10 reps.

Before you train warming up and stretching should be done to prepare your body to help avoid injury. Shoulder joints are known to be a common problem for people, which is why warming up should always be done before any workout! Stretching should be used in between sets and after your workout. To warm-up you would go for a lighter weight and work upwards in weight, concentrate on not throwing the weight. To start with, a good program is to divide your body in half, upper body and lower body. Aim to do two exercises for a muscle, e.g. two for chest, two for biceps etc. I would start with aiming at 3 sets for each exercise. Your rep range would depend upon your goal. Upper body one day then either lowers body the next, or a day off then lower body. As a general rule to gain you want a lower rep range of around 6-10, and to lose body fat in the region of 10-20. However, everyone has different views on this. You need rest in between workouts though to avoid over training or injury. Most people will do two day’s exercise then one day break. Again research all the option’s but remember if you are starting out then training like Jay Cutler is not wise! Overtraining is when you simply do too much; which will potentially result in muscle loss, injury and boredom. The best thing to do is start off slow, take it easy and enjoy it. If you keep a log, weigh yourself and take photos every month it should help you see your progress.

Overall as a beginner, get your diet in check and set yourself a training program and once you have done this get the basic supplements in as well! A good place to start for friendly, unbiased, un-judgmental advice is the FitForum and FitMag! There are a whole host of people from expert’s to beginners, check it out it and you may be surprised what you can learn.