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Everyone finds a protein powder which works for them and then they normally stick with it! This makes sense, if you find your rate of progress is good, your body copes with the ingredients well and the taste is great then why change? Well, as a beginner you may find that you are finding it difficult to really nail down a protein formula you like! ‘’XYZ tastes good in the morning, but by night time I am sick of it’’ and ‘’ABC is a bit bland, but I can cope with it for longer!’’ What do you do? Here are my personal top 3 protein supplements on the market today! For the purpose of the article, they are all whey isolate formulas; therefore I am not taking into account multi-blend time phased protein products. That can be another discussion for another day!

Gaspari Intrapro

Gaspari Intrapro is a sensational product in several ways! One small scoop contains a healthy 25g of the highest quality fast digesting proteins! This powder mixes incredibly well with no lumps and it is also nice a thin. However lets not kid ourselves, we are here to judge the taste, and we know the ingredients are premium! If I was afforded just one word to describe the taste of Intrapro it would have to be ‘mouth-watering’ (I used the hyphen smart arse!)! Intrapro genuinely tastes gorgeous, as do all Gaspari products! If the waiter in a smoothie bar passed you an Intrapro shake you wouldn’t complain! Personally, I would say that you HAVE to try all the flavours because it is so hard to choose ONE favourite! It is a bit like going to the sweet shop and having to choose your favourite sweets!

PhD Whey HT+

It was only last year where I was fortunate enough to taste a PhD protein, and since then I have always liked to use their products! Recently I tried Whey HT+ and I have to tell you I was mightily impressed! For me I judge the protein on its ingredients (obviously) and as long as it ticks those boxed which Whey HT+ does with ease, it comes down to ‘mixability’ and taste! Whey HT+ mixes so easily which is vital because if I am drinking a shake 6:00AM I DON’T want to be choking on lumps of powder and make myself gag! The taste is also lush, with a great variety to choose from! Again I find it really hard to choose a favourite, but with this product I WILL go out on a limb and say Chocolate cookies . . . . Mmmmmm!!

Reflex Instant Whey

In terms of quality, you can’t really beat Reflex Instant Whey because of its ultra high premium blend of ingredients and the fact it is voluntarily batch tested! Again, like the first two this protein mixes incredibly easily which by now you know is important to me because essentially, I am a wimp and if it’s lumpy I won’t drink it! However, the real reason I ADORE this product is all down to ONE flavour! When I used to sell ice cream I found that I had a burning love for mint-choc chip ice cream and I could never find a protein this flavour which was that good! Even the Gaspari mint-choc chip didn’t impress me as much as Reflex’s version! During the summer, I cannot think of a better way to build muscle AND enjoy a VERY refreshing drink than Reflex Instant Whey mint choc-chip!!!

There you go guys, my take on which whey isolate proteins are the best on the market in terms of taste and ‘mixability!’ Sure, there are loads of great proteins out there but do they work as well as these and do they taste as good? I challenge you to find better tasting alternatives!

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Periodisation is an excellent tool for anybody who has hit a wall and cannot get out of a rut! This could be a lack of muscle gains, strength gains, or you are simply bored of having no structure to your training! Most people lose track and just go to the gym with no real direction or purpose, but this can all change today. Read on as this article aims to point out the many benefits of using periodisation as a means to enhance your gains and make the gym a great place to be again.

Periodisation is essentially like a timeline which has lots of smaller goals for you to achieve which leads to one big overall goal. By applying these simple principles to your training it can also enable you to focus on both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers.

Starting a periodisation plan is relatively easy. All you need to know is what exactly it is you want to achieve and then work backwards from here. For instance, you may want to gain 10lbs of solid lean muscle in 12 months therefore you workout exactly how much you need to gain a week and then create a training and nutrition plan to suit. However there are certain principles to follow when using periodisation.

The principles of periodisation are that you begin with high volume and use less weight, maybe using a repetition range in the region of 20 per set. This way your connective tissue is able to adapt to the stress and your slow twitch muscle fibers are also stimulated and in turn this can lead to a greater level of muscle hypertrophy. As you can see in effect the principles of periodisation is to go from high volume training to low volume training over the course of time which means that you haven’t left a single muscle fiber unstrained. This is then how periodisation has become so popular simply because it promotes muscle growth right the way through your body. More than this, you could describe it as ‘smart’ because you begin with high repetitions for the first few weeks, which enables your joints and muscle to adapt!

By the end of your periodisation training program you will be lifting up to 95% of your 1 rep max! This means you have really gone from one extreme to the other with your training style! The hope is that the shock of the constant change means your body will be forced to grow.

If you have found that regular training just isn’t working for you, this style of training may just work for you! Remember, it is all about been goal orientated so get your goal in place before hand!

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As you guys follow my 12 week transformation video series you will see I train with Neil Hill, IFBB Pro trainer on a regular basis. It is Neil who is looking after me with my diet as well as my training plan. Of course, I am following his Y3T training plan and I have to say it works wonders! Here I just wanted to point out a few things which training with Neil really helps with!


When we do leg extensions Neil will make sure all the smaller details are in place, it was just yesterday we did a ‘week 2’ leg workout. As I was doing extensions Neil would say things like ‘point your toes up!!’ and ‘contract at the top!’ These two small tips right here make all the difference. When I train with Neil I never lift a weight for weights sake, I always feel as if the target muscle is doing all the work and that’s how it should be! Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I just want to ‘rep out’ to hit the target repetition range because I am in so much blood pain, but training with Yoda ensures I get 110% out of every workout!


The name ‘Neil Hill’ is an alternative meaning for the word ‘intensity’ if you look in the updated version of the dictionary, or at least it should be! Something Neil is great at doing is knowing when you have rested enough to get the most out of your next set, and he is also very clever in knowing when you have ‘failed’ and when you have REALLY ‘failed’! In a workout where I would otherwise fail at 12, I may get 15-16 with Neil there because he guides you through the set. He knows when you need to rest for a second or two, before doing another rep. This is very smart because by resting just before complete failure you are able to get more reps out each set! However, you are hurting after a workout with Neil and what’s more there are steps to climb out of the Dungeon Gym!!!


It is one thing training yourself into the ground, where you can barely move, and your lungs can barley feed your brain enough oxygen and you feel like your fit to die! It’s quite another training ‘blind’ and over doing it! Neil has the gift of realising when you are in PAIN and when your muscles have reached a point where they just need to be fed to help to start recovering! This I think is because he spent so many years working around injuries as a Pro, so he has an immense understanding of training!

Those are some of my experiences and opinions of Neil, having trained with him regularly over the last 5 weeks. We will be bringing you a video interview shortly from Neil where he can explain to you guys in his own words the wisdom behind Y3T!

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FitMag reader, today you have the absolute privilege of learning from Bobby Khan aka ‘The Poster Boy!’ Mr. Khan has one of the most pleasing physiques you could wish to see and he also maintains complete focus on his health as well! For you lads out there who want a ‘beach body’ Bobby is the man to listen to!


Bobby thanks so much for agreeing to interview with me (again!!!) mate, we always have a great time and we always learn something new from you! To start with, can you tell us how you initially got into training?

No problem at all Adam, thank you guys for having me, it’s an honour to be here on FitMag! I remember when I was 17, my brother came home with the ‘’Rocky’’ box set and as soon as we watched them we were hooked – and we just wanted a physique like Rocky Balboa. That’s when my training journey began!

Awesome, where have I heard that one before?! What were your goals when you first started?

My goal in the beginning was just to have a nice pleasing physique, and from there on one goal led to another. Then I started competing and the goal became to get my physique more and more balanced with quality muscles on my frame for competitions.

OK, so it was a natural progress for you! How has your training changed since you started?


I have learned a lot over the years, in particularly the importance of training with correct form and the importance of nutrition.

Great advice mate! Talking of nutrition how has you food altered since you started?

I eat a wide variety of food now and I eat healthy all year around! Of course I have a cheat meal or two in my off season, who doesn’t?!

Well I sure do mate, and I wouldn’t miss them for the world! How highly do you rate the importance of good nutrition?

OK to put it into perspective, I would rather skip 1 or two training sessions then skip just one meal! That’s how much I rate nutrition.

There you go guys and girls; yet again a very experienced athlete is telling you food is KING! How important are supplements? Tell us about Met-Rx and the best supplements any athlete and beginner needs in their stack!


Supplements are very important; I religiously use my MET-Rx supplements. Personally, I would advise anyone from the very beginning to take protein shakes, BCAAs, L-glutamine and creatine!

What is the best piece of advice you can give to FitMag readers?


I used every resource I had available to me such as articles, magazines, television shows, DVDs and personal trainers to learn and educate myself more on how to achieve a fit and healthy physique. Now you can do it to with FitMag!

They sure can! What advice would you give to guys who want that ‘beach body’ look with the abs?


Be consistent and train hard as well as train smart! Eat clean to be lean, and set small goals at a time to achieve bigger goals at the end.

What about girls who don’t think weights and eating plenty of food/supplements is good for their look?

 I would highly recommend that girls eat frequently, eating smaller meals every 2 ½ to 3 hours! I would also advise they take supplements like protein shakes. In regards to their training, they should use resistance training just like us guys. But of course they need to have lesser calories then the guys if they want to get lean and fit. So don’t be scared to eat frequent meals and train with weights ladies!!!

You heard him ladies, if there is a man who will convince you it’s gonna be Bobby! What are your plans as an athlete mate?


I have a couple of plans in the pipeline! Basically right now I am fortunate enough to be travelling to Asia, Scandinavia as well as America to promote the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle. I always want to be involved in the industry and help out in any way I can. On the 9th of July I am also doing my Bobby ‘KLASSIK’ Khan seminar at Panthers gym. In the seminar I will be talking about my secrets regarding posing routines and how to keep a balanced life while being a competitive athlete and much more. I want to share my success with the guys and the girls and help them to achieve their goals.

It’s always nice to see a true champion give so much back mate! What about your goals as an individual? I hear your Hollywood destined bro!!!

(LAUGHS!) Well I am ready for Hollywood and Bollywood bring it on!! You never know anything is possible so I am just taking one thing at a time.

We will have to keep tabs on your career Bobby! Thank you so much for joining us today mate, we will be in touch sometime in the near future to film with you!


Thank you Adam and FitMag readers for having me back for another interview! It’s always a pleasure to speak with you guys! To all FitMag readers, keep up your good work and stay focussed!