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Make Your Meals Taste Better With Beans!

There isn’t a day go by when I don’t think about new things which I could possible add to meals to make them taste better AND make them more nutritious. Of course, whatever I add absolutely cannot hinder my fat loss process! Today I wanted to show you one of the healthiest and best tasting things you could add to your meals to really beef your diet up!

Mixed Beans are an absolutely fantastic addition to any meal in my opinion. They are very rich in fibrous carbohydrates which are essential when you are eating the amount we do as athletes. More than this, it will help ensure our body is able to digest the food we ingest effectively. What is even better about Mixed Beans is that a typical 80g serving only contains 96 calories, and these are all healthy anyway!

In terms of taste Mixed Beans have a very earthy and moist taste to them which makes them the perfect compliment to a dry meal. Due to the fact there is a mixture including Chickpeas, Lentils, Adzuki and Mung Beans you really do get a very nice variation in taste and texture. The taste however is certainly not over powering; therefore even people with relatively bland taste buds would enjoy these!

So what is the best way to enjoy them with a meal? Personally, I love to get plenty of green salad on my plate and scatter Mixed Beans over the salad, and have a very low calorie dressing like a Balsamic Vinegar sauce. This way whatever I am eating, whether it is white fish or chicken breast tastes a lot more moist and refreshing. You will also find that they help fill you up because of the fibrous content, which is excellent when you are dieting of course!

The convenience factor of Mixed Beans is great as well, I mean they just come ready to eat in a packet, all you have to do it poor them over your meal after you have weighed them out!

There you go, a very simple and yummy addition to any meal! Try Mixed Beans on a salad with your meals I wouldn’t mind betting you begin to enjoy your meals more. The high content of water alone will stop meals tasting dry, and the added texture and flavour really stimulates the mind that bit more, opposed to bland dry meals! What more could you want, added fibre, improved digestion, no bad calories and a convenience factor of 10/10!

I was always the small kid since I can remember and it was always the same when I started football when I was just 8 years old. This didnt change until I was 16, where for all of my sporting life until that point I hadn't had the luxury of being strong on the field or powerful. I remember I always wanted to have a '6 pack' so I would do around 2,000 sit ups a night (no that is not a typo) but apart from being seriously fit I didn't get many gains in the form of aesthetics. So in the summer of 2006 when I was 16 I bought a 50kg weight set from Argos where I trained my heart out in my bedroom 3 times a week completing a full body circuit and yes, I did grow! As soon I lifted my first weight my arms always seemed to grow well and my chest didn't and that is the same today! Then at the start of 2007 I was fortunate enough to meet for the first time I guy some of you may of heard of, Kris Gethin. It is by no coincidence we share the same sir name, he is my bigger cousin (older as well :)). Kris took me under his wing, gave me a training programme and a diet and said follow this, so I did. Kris probably got 10-20 emails a DAY asking questions because I wanted to learn and wanted to know everything right away! Over the years since then Kris always guided me and put me in touch with Neil Hill who I am blessed enough to call a very close friend today. Neil now guides me with my nutrition and training and that basically explains my background to date. In the last year I have also written masses of articles for various companies and magazines in the industry and I am also the editor in chief of my own magazine which came out January of 2011, Elite Physique Magazine! My future aspirations as an athlete is to achieve a very aesthetic 'beach body', my ideal would be a mini version of Arnie, that classic shape is unbeatable in my opinion. As an individual I strive to always better myself and my knowledge and to help others who are starting out like I was 5 years ago! Above all else, it is an absolutely huge honour to be the online editor of MonsterSupplements.com!



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