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Protein Supplements - To gain lean muscle

Whey Protein Concentrate blends

Products –Reflex Instant Whey

Mainly made up of whey concentrate with protein isolate mixed in (80%-20% ratio). Most whey concentrates are ok for low carb diets. All whey proteins are fortified with BCAA’s

Metabolic whey & USN 100% whey are fortified with BCAA’s & Glutamine.

Whey Protein Isolate

Products – Reflex Micro Whey, USN Pure Whey, Dymatize ISO 100, AST VP2, Peak Body Isolate, Syntrax Nectar

Whey isolate is far more expensive as it has a higher biological value than standard whey. It contains higher protein with almost zero carbs and lactose. Great for those who are on a lean diet.

 Time Release Proteins

CNP Pro Peptide, SAN Infusion & Micellar Caesin & Designer Glycerlean Nitrotech Nighttime

Feeds the body over a longer period of time, to help prevent the body falling into a catabolic state. Good for using along side meals, if the protein content is low. Also ideal for a evening meal replacement.

Immediate release – Whey Concentrate (30 minutes release)

Medium Release – Egg whey proteins (90 minutes release)

Extended Release – Micellar Casein & Milk Protein (3 hour release)


MRP’s (Meal Replacements) (Lean Muscle Gain)

Products – Progen, Met-Rx, USN Protein Plex, MRM Metameal, EAS Myoplex, etc…

MRP’s are formulated to give you the essential macronutrients (proteins carbs & fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals etc) that the body requires to work to maximum potential. If you are looking to build lean muscle MRP’s are perfect.


Creatines Increase Muscle Gains and Strength, Creates lactic acid buffer during workouts (lowers burning sensation in the muscles when training hard).

Creatine Monohydrate

Products - AST Micronised, Reflex Creapure, CNP, Creatamax 300GL/8000GL/Capsules, Cell-Tech.

Loading Phase: 2 times daily for 5 days, then once a day from that point on.

Micronised creatine is a smaller grain so therefore dissolves more freely, this means less gritty sand at the bottom of your glass.

Creatine Monohydrate Cycling. This is a personal choice, but its recommened 4 weeks on 2 weeks off. The belief is that, doing so will help you maintain the gains you make. Again if you use it for a to longer period of time, the body gets used to it, so the gains disappear.

Advanced Creatines

Products - San V-12 Turbo, Reflex Tri-Matrix V2, Syntrax Swole V2, Isatori Metacel and VPX CEX.

These require no loading phase as they are designed to absorb into your system more easily. With advanced creatines you would use them for maximum of 8 weeks then have a 4 week rest period.


Carbohydrates -  Energy Drinks

Products – Maximuscle Viper / Viper Extreme, Peak Body Maltodextrin, Garnell Carbs & Pro Fuel.

Carbohydrates are the key source of energy in the human body. Carbohydrates should make up 50% of your total daily fuel intake. It is advised to have a regular intake of low glycemic carbohydrates to aid a steady stream of glucose into the blood stream.

A standard training diet should have around 2g of carbs per lb of body weight. Carb intake should be tailored to suit your training needs.

Low glycemic foods can also help towards weight loss due to a slower rate of digestion which creates a feeling of fullness.


Weight Gainers (Build Mass Size)

Products - Mammoth 2500, Prolab N-large, Instant Mass

Simple really, if you what to increase your body mass and not lean size these products are perfect.


Testosterone Boosters (Increase Testosterone and build muscle)

Products – Reflex Bulgarian Tribulus, MRM Tribuplex 750, Biotest Tribex & San Tribuvar.

Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone through increasing the lutenizing hormone, this tells your body to produce testosterone.

Tribulus is not a hormonal supplement, it works within the bodies natural limits helping increase muscle and strength.


Alternatively look at ZMA (Testosterone Support)

Products – Zinc Matrix, Biotest ZMA, Maximuscle ZMA


Anti Estrogens – (Testosterone Support)

Products – Biotest M, Ergopharm 6-OXO

Estrogen will slow down your testosterone production, kill your muscle gains and/or cause embarrassing side effects like gyno. Decreasing your estrogen can cause you to gain muscle fast!


L-Glutamine – (Muscle Recovery)

Products – Reflex, AST, CNP, Peak Body, Maximuscle, USN

Boosts Protein Synthesis. Glutamine is an incredible muscle builder that also increases your natural growth hormone and immunity. It helps you to recover from your workouts quicker as well! This in tern improves performance


BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) – (Muscle Recovery)

Products – MRM BCAA+G, SAN BCAA Pro, Reflex BCAA

Boosts Protein Synthesis and suppresses muscle protein breakdown

Taking BCAA's before and after training, will help protect the muscle from the stress of heavy training.


Multi Vitamins

Products - Nexgen, Prolab Training Paks, Universal Animal Pak.

Vitamins are the essential tools for keeping your body healthy, also increasing the effectiveness of the supplements you take.


Fat Burners

Products – MetaBurn EF/XTP etc…

Inc Ephedrine – EPH25 Extreme

Thermogenic intensifier, increase metabolism, suppress hunger.

Now mostly ephedrine free (the thing that gives you the jitters). Supplements companies look more towards a more natural way of increasing fat burning effects and increasing metabolism.

Alternatively look at Sida Cordifolia or CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)


Non-Hormonal Anabolics - Increase Muscle & Strength

(Ecdysterone, Methoxyisoflavone & Ipriflavone)

Products – MRM ECDY-20, MRM MethOxyvone, SAN Methoxybol 7 &

LA Muscle Norateen Heavyweight 2.

These products use plant sterols to create anabolic effects for increased muscle growth legally and most of all safely. These are non hormonal flavones that naturally increase protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and muscle growth. They work very well taken in conjunction with protein because they increase the absorption of protein.


NO (Nitric Oxide) – (Increases blood flow, Pump up Muscles and increase vascular look. Helps prolong Muscle Performance)

Products -  Muscletech Pump Tech, USN Alpha Nitrox, Maximuscle NO2 & Isatori Nitro3, Sci-Fit Nitrox

This should make it of interest to bodybuilders, as increased blood flow will serve to deliver more nutrients to muscles, thus helping muscles become larger when subject to stress. The fact that Nitric Oxide acts to reduce inflammation should also make it of interest to bodybuilders as it has the potential to reduce the pain associated with subjecting muscles to extreme stress.

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