Over Training

Over Training is essentially one of the most common ways a lot of people hold their progress back in and out of the gym. Over Training often occurs as a result of egotistical behavior where an individual believes more is better or more innocently due to a lack of knowledge. However, you can now learn exactly why Over Training is such a problem and why you should avoid it like the plague and get back on the track leading you all the way to muscle mass gains.
Over Training occurs when an individual trains for a ridiculous amount of time in one session often topping the advised one hour mark by half again or even more. Furthermore, an awful lot of people tend to over train particular muscle groups, otherwise known as ‘mirror muscles.’ This is due to an ego which craves big biceps and a chiseled chest, which by doing so overlooks other body parts and trains the same muscles day in day out. These are the two most common types of Over Training.
The main reasons you should look to avoid Over Training are as follows. Over Training leads to catabolism which is the bodybuilding equivalent to the Devil. Catabolism eats away at your hard earn muscle mass, which you have put a lot of time, effort and even money to gain. Secondly, Over Training leads to a decrease in strength levels which of course holds your training back no end. This will cause you to struggle through workouts, struggle to get pumped and as a result you will lose motivation. Finally, Over Training can lead to sever injury of the connective tissues. What may be a niggle at first, turns into a huge problem when you over train.
The best way to avoid Over Training is to simply have a set programme where you hit certain muscle groups on certain days. This way you won’t even be tempted into adding an extra biceps workout in the same week as you know you should be training your legs that night. Also, for anyone who trains properly in the gym, they will tell you it is impossible to hit the same muscle group within a couple of days. Therefore if you feel you can train chest two or three days after your last chest workout, you are not training properly. Don’t train for more than an hour, which gives an ample amount of time to obliterate your targeted muscle group. Training beyond here will only deepen the effect of catabolism, not stimulate growth. Be sure to keep your glycogen levels up via low G.I carbohydrates and supplements such as Waxy Maize Starch right after training to help combat catabolism.
There you have a briefing as to why Over Training is something you need to avoid and if you don’t what it can do, or more to the point, not do to your progress.


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