What are Protein Supplements, Who Should Take Them and Why?

When it comes to building blocks for muscle, bone, skin and other tissues, few things are more important than protein. Most healthy adults require around 45 to 56g of protein in their daily diet, or around 0.75g for every kilo of body weight.

Endurance and strength athletes, bodybuilders and even general fitness enthusiasts who don’t have their sights set on body building or marathon running can benefit from protein supplements like protein shakes and other protein drinks.

That’s because these drinks can aid the body in recovering from an intense workout. They restore glycogen to the muscles – this is a source of fuel which gets used in exercise.

And, if you are a serious bodybuilder or strength athlete, a protein shake can help mend damage to muscles that serious bodybuilding can cause.

One study also found that taking extra protein in your diet can help reduce levels of infections, heat exhaustion and muscle soreness. While there has also been some suggestion that protein-rich shakes can help with weight management, this is not yet backed up by enough scientific research.

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