Monster goes to bodypower

This Month saw Monster supplements attend the inaugural Bodypower show at the national exhibition centre in Birmingham. The show was a fantastic success and had the likes of Dorian Yates, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Phil Heath, Kai Greene and Flex Lewis attending.

We were lucky enough being Monster to attract some of the biggest stars to our stand…..
Dorian Yates with Monster Owner                           This is Mark Felix breaking our grip
and our own Former Mr Universe                            Strength machine; unfortunately for
Mark Bowering.                                                       Mark he was not eligable for the prize.
One of team Monster’s advisors Adam Campbell has
more than his hands full at the Muscletalk stand.
Phil Heath also comes to see Monster                               Gaspari come along to see Monsters
I am lucky enough to have the pleasure                            offerings; Rich Gaspari and Flex Lewis
Phil is a true Gentleman for sure.                                      hang with Mark.
The show will definately be popular next year we hope to see many of you there so you get the chance to meet the team and the atletes that are at the forefront of the fitness industry.
Monster is continually looking to bring in the latest products and strongest brand offerings to you the Monster customers; in order to do this we have a few lines that are being discontinued. This means last minute crazy value deals for you the Monster Customer; check out the latest deals on Xyience and Biotech. Remember when these have gone they have gone so stock up while you have a chance!!!
I hope you enjoyed this insight as to what goes on with the team that answers your calls, we are all heavily interested in the world of fitness and each endevour to help each of you to reach you own personal goals, train hard! Catch you next month JB


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