Dieting for summer 07/08/09

Afternoon Ladies and gentlemen you may have been thinking that i hadn’t updated the progress for a while well here goes, after suffering a little bit of illness 12 weeks in the diet went a little astray for a week or so but i was soon back on it, it is a continuos learning curve when dieting. I am very much someone who will take things to extremes but i have found that easing off a little an pulling down the morning cardio sessions to 3 times per week has actually allowed me to train with much more intensity in an evening.

Intensity is very much the key, training for no longer than an hour with weights at intensity i.e less than a minute between sets has left me feeling hungrier and leaner than training longer and more frequently. As the diet has progessed the food sources have got tighter but still not so tight that i don’t look forward to every meal. The key to sanity supplement wise has come in the form of thick blend shakes; USN IGF 1 and Phd Pharma Blend 6Hr i will have 4-5 shakes per day to ensure my protein intake is constant, my metabolism has responded well to this as evry 2-3 hours i am feeling ready for the next shake.

I stick to a standard week really when at Monster Monday through Saturday the day shapes up as below

6 AM

Lean degree, HMB, BCAA’s and Black coffee

630 AM

30-40 mins cv 3 times per week

715 Am


745 AM

Pharma Blend or IGF one- Low carb days and twice a week one scoop of Pharma Gain and a scoop of either protein


Protein shake as above


Salad or cooked greens with lean beef or chicken- dash of BBQ sauce to flavour


One scoop of blend protein


Pre Workout- Ragnarock or Xplode with HMB and Lean degree




PWO Shake either Straight protein with HMB or Pharma Gain 1-2 scoops with scoop of whey


Evening Meal- same as lunch


Blend Shake or Sugar Free Jelly with Protein powder

Saturday is very similar often as low on carbs as possible

Sunday starts the same but after training finishes at 11am its carb time, i say almost anything goes to shock my metabolism and replenish glcogen it often results in a box of cereal, porridge fruit and baked potatoes; simple but we all like different things

Other daily supplements include a multi vitamin either MVP Mill Sport Tech 365 or catalyst from PHD

Whilst dieting i also cycle Cre 02 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off along with a test booster.

The results are shown below from end of February/beginning of March through to the beginning of August. I have around 4 weeks left of a steady manageable diet hoping to drop another 4-6lbs so i am hhovering around the 15 stone 5 mark… As always keep training and i will be keeping you posted! All the best JB

CIMG0009 CIMG0043


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