Making the Most of Creatine Supplements

You can take creatine supplements before or after exercise, but if you take them about an hour before working out, you will have more energy, and be able to complete a more intense session.

Supplements come as creatine tablets or powder. Most products recommend around five grams of creatine per serving. You can also mix creatine with a protein shake.

With what is known as “creatine loading”, you take four or five servings of creatine supplements for the first five days. But it’s actually better to stay at the recommended dosage – you will still feel the benefit of your creatine tablets or powder.

While it is not an exact science, you could try taking creatine for a month or two, then having a week or two off. It’s up to you whether you only take it only on the days you hit the gym. Some people take it every day, others only on workout days.

Creatine helps with muscle building and maintenance, which could assist with fat loss. After all, the more muscle you have, the lower your levels of fat will be.

So no wonder so many top bodybuilders, amateur and professional, are convinced that creatine is one of the best bodybuilding supplements.

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