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Dieting for summer 26/06/09

Well we are at the back end of another week, Friday has zoomed round again and today i feel exhausted. Tonight is a night off lifting, i have had 13 straight days of lifting, this has not

Supplement Review- PhD Synergy

Everybody is looking for the perfect solution, one way to add lean muscle without gaining high levels of bodyfat, getting the right cocktail can be quite a job and also can be very expensive. Don’t worry as

Dieting for Summer 19/06/06

Well another week has passed by i am looking forward to an early night and maybe a lie in for an extra hour tomorrow morning, i awoke this morning to open my supplement cupboard, yes my supplement

Dieting For Summer 16/06/09

Hello, Welcome back to another week, the weekend flew by i managed to avoid all potential indulgencies and stick to my schedule, i had one of those nights out on saturday that you cant get out of,

Dieting For summer 12/06/09- Progress report

Welcome back, nearly at the end of another weeks intense training and today i am sore, definately in need of a rest, due to personal committments i could not train tonight so i threw a delt and

Dieting for summer 11/06/09

Good afternoon, The week so far it taking its toll, last nights workout was a quick arms and abs session around 1 hour, the routine is shown below BICEPS 4 X Standing Barbell Curls 4 X Seated

Dieting For Summer 10/06/09

OK today i am tired, i slept right through the night last night, this is extremely rare for me so i am needing more recovery time. I dragged myself out for a gentle cardio session again after

Dieting For Summer 09/06/09

Last nights back session was great, focused on width at high intensity; the workout looked like below 5 X wide grip Chins 4 X narrow grip Chins 3 X Low pulley Cable Rows 4 X Machine Row

Dieting For Summer 08/06/09

Ok Monday has rolled round again and its time start tapping into those fat stores again, Monday started as normal with an early rise and 30-45 minutes cardio, the sun in a morning makes this easy! The

Dieting for Summer

Ok so a quick update on the road to getting a ripped physique, i too am on the road to lose bodyfat after a long winter bulk and gaining 73lbs of weight, this was not the smartest